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AP 6800 Safety and Accident Prevention


Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act of 1970;
29 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 1910 et seq.
Oregon Safe Employment Act (ORS 654)
Oregon Community Right to Know and Protection Act (ORS 453.307 to 453.414)

Rogue Community College is committed to maintaining an environment that promotes occupational health and safety for all college employees, students and visitors. Rogue Community College administrators, supervisors and employees have an obligation to ensure that established health and safety regulations and procedures are followed. Rogue Community College is committed to active employee participation in the development, implementation and review of the Safety and Accident Prevention Program.

The U.S. Congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 1971 to develop and enforce workplace safety and health rules throughout the country. States may choose to run their own safety and health programs as long as they are at least as effective as OSHA. Oregon state has chosen to run its own program and most employers in the state, therefore, are subject to enforcement by the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division of the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services.

The State of Oregon OSHA Program covers all employees at Rogue Community College. In addition to the State of Oregon OSHA Program, Rogue Community College will comply with all organizations and standards incorporated by reference in the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Code to include but not limited to such organizations and standards as:

  • Compressed Gas Association
  • United States Department of Transportation
  • Oregon State Department of Transportation
  • Oregon State Department of Agriculture
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • International Fire Code
  • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
  • American National Standards Institute

In order to comply with the Oregon Safe Employment Act, Rogue Community College has prepared the following Safety and Accident Prevention Procedure that applies to all students, faculty, staff and visitors on all properties and facilities owned or operated by Rogue Community College, all employees and students while not on college owned or operated property but while participating in a college sponsored event or activity and all employees and locations outlined in the Rogue Community College Telecommuter Agreement. It is the responsibility of all supervisors, managers and faculty members to ensure education and compliance with all sections of this plan. The Director of Risk Management has been tasked with the development, maintenance and training requirements outlined in this plan.

Oregon OSHA General Duty Clause

Each employer shall furnish to each of its employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to its employees and shall comply with occupational safety and health standards promulgated under this Act.

It is the basic safety policy of Rogue Community College that no task is so important that an employee must violate a safety rule or risk injury or illness in order to get the job done. Employees are required to comply with all College safety rules and are encouraged to actively participate in the College safety committee to identify ways to make our campuses a safer place. Supervisors are responsible for the safety of their employees and as part of their duties must check the workplace for unsafe conditions, watch for unsafe actions of employees and assure prompt elimination of hazards. Administration will devote the resources necessary to form a safety committee composed of management and elected, appointed or volunteer employees.

Rogue Community College will continue the development of our system for identifying and correcting hazards and planning for foreseeable emergencies. Rogue Community College will utilize qualified and competent personnel to provide initial and ongoing classroom, online and practical hands on training for employees and supervisors to ensure compliance with all safety requirements outlined under the Oregon Occupational Safe Employment Act. Rogue Community College has established disciplinary procedures to ensure that College safety procedures are followed.

Employer Responsibilities

It shall be the responsibility of Rogue Community College to establish, supervise, and enforce in a manner, which is effective in practice:

  • A safe and healthful working environment.
  • A Safety and Accident Prevention Procedure and all supplemental programs as required by applicable Oregon Safe Employment Act provisions.
  • Initial and ongoing training programs to improve the skill and competency of all employees in the field of occupational safety and health.

Employee Responsibilities

Employees shall coordinate and cooperate with all other employees in an attempt to eliminate accidents.

Employees shall study and observe all safe practices governing their work.

Employees should offer safety suggestions, wherein such suggestions may contribute to a safer work environment.

Employees shall apply the principles of accident prevention in their daily work and shall use proper safety devices and protective equipment as required by their employment or supervisor.

Employees shall properly care for all personal protective equipment.

Employees shall make a prompt report to their immediate supervisor and to the Risk Management Department, of each injury or occupational illness, regardless of the degree of severity to include incidents of near misses.

Employees shall not wear torn or loose clothing while working around machinery.

Employees will not use or operate any equipment:

  • That they have not received training on,
  • That they have not been authorized to operate by Rogue Community College, OR
  • That they cannot operate in a safe manner as suggested by the equipment’s manufacturer.

Contractor Responsibilities

Rogue Community College will insure that all third parties that are under contract to perform work on any property owned or operated by the College will comply with all applicable federal and Oregon health and safety laws and regulations, and will coordinate with each party to insure compliance. In addition, the College will ensure that any hazard(s) or exposures that are a result of work performed by a third party contractor will be communicated to College employees if there is a potential for exposure. To accomplish this, any contractor scheduled in advance to complete work on RCC campuses will notify the Risk Management Department, in writing at least 7 days in prior to the planned work, of any chemicals or hazardous substances they plan to have on campus in order to fulfill their contracted work. Information regarding this requirement will be included in all proposed contracts in order for contractors to be aware in advance. Once Risk Management has reviewed the chemicals and/or hazardous substances that will be on campus, they will notify the contractor, in writing, of the approval/denial of these items to be on campus. Risk Management will also be responsible to communicate, as needed, with employees who will be in the potential exposure area of their options to protect themselves.

Accident Reporting and Investigation Procedures

All workplace accidents and illnesses, no matter how minor, shall be reported immediately to the employee’s supervisor and the Risk Management Department for investigation, evaluation, and documentation.  As unsafe work conditions or contributing factors to an accident are identified, corrective actions will be taken to eliminate or reduce the hazard from causing future injury.  See also AP 6810 Accident and Injury Reporting.

Campus Safety Committee

A campus safety and health committee has been established, with representation from faculty, classified staff and administration, to help in the detection and elimination of unsafe conditions and work procedures and to promote safety awareness.  The following guidelines conform to OAR 437-001-0765.

Records Availability and Retention

The College Risk Management Department is designated at the office that will handle document retention related to Safety, Accident Prevention and all other Oregon OSHA required documents.

Rescinds Policy Number: VII.B.020, II.B.040

Approved: December 3, 2019