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AP 6750 Parking and Traffic on Campus


ORS 341.300
ORS 98.830
ADA 2010 Standards
ORS 801.365
ORS 801.345

This procedure intends to promote safe and orderly movement of traffic within Rogue Community College (RCC) property, including parking of vehicles and bicycles.

All applicable provisions of state law governing the operation of motor vehicles are expressly applicable both on and off paved roadways.

Parking of motor vehicles and bicycles is limited to specially designated areas.

A description of designated parking areas is below. Students and employees can find a map of each campus and the designated parking areas on the RCC website.

Handicapped parking
All faculty, staff, students, and visitors who have a Department of Motor Vehicle’s issued disabled parking placard may park in any Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) space on campus.

If further accessibility options are needed, the Access and Disability Resources Office will review individual situations and determine if a different parking accommodation is appropriate.

RCC Facilities will provide accessible parking spaces as required by the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (2010 Standards).

Motorcycle parking
Motorcycles and mopeds may only park in spaces specifically designated for motorcycles.

Only vehicles defined as "motorcycles" and "mopeds" according to ORS 801.365 and ORS 801.345 may park in motorcycle spaces.

Veterans parking
These spaces are reserved for active-duty members of the military and veterans.

Short term parking
Fifteen and 30-minute loading zones are clearly marked and available in several locations.

Parking Permits/Decals and Violations

RCC does not charge fees or require the use of parking permits/decals. However, RCC Campus Security issues written parking and traffic violations which are forwarded to the Director of Advising - Compliance, the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for students, the the Director of People Culture & Safety; and Payroll Operations for employees.

Vehicles parked in violation of posted signage or state law may also be subject to fines and towing by law enforcement. Vehicles that are operated in violation of posted signage or state law may also be subject to fines and towing by law enforcement. In addition, RCC reserves the right to tow or otherwise remove a vehicle parked on RCC property if the vehicle is considered abandoned and is towed per ORS 98.830.

Rescinds Administrative Procedure: None

Approved: November 2, 2021