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AP 6620 Naming of Buildings


ORS 30.282
ORS 341.290(22)

Purpose of the Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to provide standard guidelines among all the departments of Rogue Community College (RCC) in naming buildings, sites, and common areas. Naming opportunities may be granted in recognition of distinction and/or in recognition of financial support.

Criteria for Naming

  1. Naming in Recognition of Distinction

    From time to time the College may want to honor the extraordinary, distinguished contributions of individuals to the College.

    When a significant area or building is proposed to be named for an individual associated with RCC, it is recommended that a period of not less than two years shall lapse between the end of the individual's service to RCC and a naming proposal.

    If a building or significant area is to be named in recognition of outstanding service, the College President shall determine whether the person is worthy of the honor, whether the recommendation has the support of the occupants of the building or users of the area, as well as the support of the College community, before making a recommendation to the Board of Education (Board) for approval.
  2. Naming in Recognition of Financial Support

    For naming in recognition of financial gifts, the donor will be expected to provide all or a substantial part of the cost of the entity. "Substantial" is deemed to mean either a significant portion of the cost (25%) or a contribution which, while not being a significant portion, would not have been available from another source or was in some way integral to project completion. A guide for naming may be based on cost of area per square foot with appropriate adjustments based on visibility of space to be named and other considerations.

    Donors may be individuals, families, organizations, foundations or corporations. The Rogue Community College Foundation (RCC Foundation) will consult with the College President to advise whether the gift levels are appropriate and consistent with other similar gifts on campus.

    The College will utilize Donor Recognition Walls within buildings to acknowledge the donations received in support of construction, furniture, and equipment in the building. Individual rooms will not be named.

General Provisions

  1. No naming will be approved or (once approved) sustained that will bring into serious question the public respect of the College.
  2. Names of facilities or areas should lend prestige to the College and to staff, students and community. The credentials, character, and reputation of each individual, organization or corporation for whom the naming of a building is being considered shall be carefully scrutinized and evaluated. Nominations submitted for consideration must be accompanied by supporting documentation.
  3. When a building or significant area has been named the College will continue to use the name so long as the building or area remains in use and serves its original function. When the use has changed such that it must be demolished, substantially renovated or rebuilt, the College may retain the use of the name, name another comparable facility or discontinue the use of the name.
  4. Naming rights are guaranteed for ten years, after which time the building name will be reviewed annually, assuming the functionality of the building has not changed.
  5. It is the responsibility of individuals negotiating on behalf of the College to advise potential benefactors that their gift may be recognized by naming, subject to approvals and decisions consistent with this procedure.
  6. RCC reserves the right to remove a philanthropic naming if one of the following conditions occurs:
    1. a. A donor does not fulfill a pledge obligation as outlined in a written gift agreement. In such cases, RCC reserves the right to consult with the donor(s), where possible, to restructure the purpose for the funds.
    2. b. The continued use of the name may compromise the public trust or image of the College as determined by the Board. If the College terminates naming rights for philanthropic naming based on these conditions, the College has the right to retain gifts previously made pursuant to the gift agreement.

General Provisions

  1. The Contracts and Procurement Office will collaborate with the RCC Foundation to establish formal written agreements regarding naming in recognition of distinction or recognition of financial support.
  2. Proposals for naming will be forwarded to the College President who shall ensure that the donor meets all criteria. Following discussion with RCC Executive Team, the College President will make recommendations to the Board.
  3. The Board will consider for approval the terms of the agreement naming any building or substantial areas.
  4. Commitments made prior to adoption of this policy shall be honored within the parameters described in this policy.

Naming Conventions

  1. A uniform system of signage should be adopted by location.
    1. Special use buildings or areas such as the auditorium, physical education complex, automotive shop, or such, may or may not bear the functional name separately or in combination with the person’s name (e.g. "Coates Hall"). Naming should consider the possibility that buildings or areas may have a different functional use in the future.
    2. Outdoor areas shall bear the name of the individual and a functional description (e.g. "Marjorie Holzgang Concert Bowl")
  2. Signage should be tasteful, discrete and consistent with other campus signage.
  3. The naming of a building to honor an individual should use the surname only, as in "Coates Hall." In the case of corporations or businesses, the College should use a shortened name sufficient to recognize the business. The reason for this convention is to ensure that the use of the new name becomes commonplace within the lexicon of the College and minimize exterior lettering, listings in directories, mailing addresses and the like.

Rescinds Procedure Number: IV.C.020

Approved: February 22, 2022

Approved: March 15, 2022