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AP 6535 Use of College Equipment


NWCCU 2020 Standard 2.I.1
ORS 341.290(4)

Each employee of Rogue Community College (RCC) is responsible for equipment under their control.  Loss of equipment and/or unauthorized removal of equipment should be reported immediately to the department head or appropriate manager. Lost or stolen equipment should additionally be reported to the Risk Management department to assist in determining appropriate loss practices.

Equipment reported as lost or stolen may be replaced once determined to be essential to the department’s function.  The department may request additional budget to replace the equipment by submitting a request through the Business Office. The request must include an explanation about the loss or theft of the equipment and a justification that replacement is essential to the activity served.

RCC equipment shall not be loaned to individuals not employed by or enrolled in the College.  Equipment may be loaned to entities having a legitimate educational need and partnership with the College.  Any exceptions require approval of the President or designee.

Employees who have a need to work from home and a current approved Telecommuter Agreement should contact the Help Desk for assistance with identifying equipment needs for a home office. The Help Desk staff will provide the appropriate documents to identify any equipment leaving College property.

Equipment shall only be removed from campus with proper authorization(s). The Contract and Procurement department should be contacted to determine appropriate authorization(s) for the equipment.

Rescinds Procedure Number: None

Approved: April 7, 2020

Names, titles and departments updated January 4, 2022