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AP 6386 Furniture and Fixtures


AP 6550 Disposal of Property


These Standards and Practices apply to activities of Rogue Community College District (College) with regard to the acquisitions of College furniture and fixtures for staff and student spaces, including disposal.

The purpose is to obtain quality furniture and fixtures at the lowest reasonable cost that meets the needs of the College in the areas of performance, availability and ergonomics.

Furniture Standards

Furniture is generally purchased through contracted vendors that provide the best overall value through state or cooperative procurement contracts. Best value takes into consideration cost, warranty, workmanship, installation services and the adaptability of the equipment as applicable.

Standards may vary per campus as approved by campus Adhoc committees. Accessibility of facilities for all members of the College community, including individuals with disabilities, should be considered as one factor in setting such standards.

Standard Furniture and Fixtures


The College has approved two styles of desks, standard sit and sit/stand. Desks may be purchased for staff, student worker, or student spaces as appropriate.

Standard Sit Desks
Standard Office Desks
Pacific WRO offers the standard office desk in varying dimensions depending on the workspace. These desks have a laminate top and a metal base. They can be sold individually or with a return and have pin height adjustable legs to allow for some flexibility to adjust the surface height for an end user that may not find the standard seated height appropriate for them. This adjustability also allows the ability to raise the desk up higher in order to fit mobile file cabinets underneath the desk.

Oregon State Department of Corrections offers a custom wooden executive desk in varying colors and wood choices. These desks are custom built adjustable height for an office space and can include rolling drawers and other furniture.

Sit-to-Stand Desks
Office Depot offers a FlexiSpot Height-Adjustable Desk Riser. This unit is designed to sit on top of an existing table top desk. It will accommodate two monitors and a keyboard. This option is preferred for workstations with existing non-standard desks. Replacement of the existing desk should only occur if it is broken or creates an ergonomic issue.

Renew Sit-to-Stand Desk
Pacific WRO also offers electric sit-to stand desk. These can be ordered is varying dimensions to accommodate the workspace and can be used in a private office or cubicle area.

Pacific WRO also offers electric legs only that will convert the standard faculty pin height adjustable desk to a sit-stand desk. This option is preferred if a standard faculty desk is currently provided and a sit-stand is needed rather that purchasing the entire Renew unit.

Sit-to-Stand Desks may require additional accessories. These items should be purchased from an approved College vendor.

Task Chairs
The College purchases task chairs through the contracted vendor Pacific WRO. The chairs have been evaluated based on structure, ergonomic features, warranty and price. The chairs may be purchased for staff, student worker or student spaces as appropriate.

Pacific WRO offers a selection of Sitmatic chairs with ergonomic features that adjust to each individual’s need. Chair features include, locking back height adjustment, sync control adjustability, carpet casters, adjustable pivot arms and standard aluminum base with standard cylinder.

Other seat, cylinder and hard floor caster options are available. Chairs may be ordered with black, grey or blue fabric.

Classroom Furniture
Each campus location will maintain a standard of furniture for classroom locations that has been approved by the campus Adhoc committee. Facilities and Operation will manage the classroom spaces and ensure that appropriate furniture and fixtures are maintained in each area.

Ordering Procedures

Desks and Office Furniture

Prior to ordering any sit-to-stand desk, a sit-to-stand desk riser should be checked out and used for at least 60 days to ensure that the sit-to-stand set up is appropriate for the individual staff member. To check out a sit-to-stand desk riser contact Facilities.

To order the standard sit and sit-to-stand desk units, staff should create a work order in MPulse to have Facilities and Operations conduct an office space assessment. The assessment will include measuring the spaces and assisting staff to determine the best options and sizes for the space. Current inventory may be available and should be used if appropriate.

  1. Facilities staff will contact the vendor and request quotes including installation for the desks and office furniture.
  2. Quotes will be provided to the ordering department which will be responsible for creating a purchase order.
  3. Once the purchase order is complete the Contract and Procurement Department will place the order with the vendor. Once the order is placed the vendor will communicate an estimated arrival date.
  4. Prior to the arrival of the new furniture, Facilities staff will designate the furniture being replaced as inventory or surplus. Inventory items may be re-homed to another area if there is a need or stored on campus. Items that are designated as surplus (no useful purpose to the College), must be disposed per AP-6550 Disposal of Property.

To order the FlexiSpot Height-Adjustable Desk Riser

  1. Once it is determined that the desk riser should be ordered, Facilities will provide an order form with the item number, staff name and location.
  2. The staff member or departmental support staff will log into the Office Depot account and add the item to the cart and create a purchase order for the unit and attach the form to the quote box. The purchase order should only contain the order for the desk riser and no other office supplies. Once the purchase order is complete the Contract and Procurement Department will release the order on the Office Depot website.
  3. Once delivered a work order should be completed in MPulse to assist with any installation needs.

Task Chairs

All staff members should first obtain a supervisor’s permission prior to ordering a new chair. Risk Management should then be contacted for an ergonomic assessment of the space. The appropriate chair will be selected to ergonomically fit each individual’s body size, type, and need. At the time of the assessment, an order form will be completed by Risk Management with the recommended chair selection and will then require a supervisor’s signature. The appropriate departmental contact for delivery should be included on the form. This contact will be responsible for arranging delivery with the vendor.  Once all signatures have been obtained, the form should be sent to the Contract and Procurement Office for processing along with a purchase order created by the department in RAPS. The PO number should be documented on the form before sending it. The order will not be placed until the PO has completed authorization and a signed order form is on file.

The item, color and price should be listed on the purchase order. In the “deliver to” box, the employee name and location should be typed.

Furniture purchases may not be purchased personally or on a College credit card and submitted for reimbursement. Furniture will generally be at the expense of the ordering department unless approved as a reasonable ADA accommodation*.

*When new furniture is being requested as a reasonable accommodation for a disability, employees should reference the Accommodation Request Procedure and/or contact Human Resources.

Rescinds Procedure Number: None

Approved: June 1, 2021