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AP 5541 Deceased Student


ORS 418.735

This process is in place to respond to the death of an enrolled or former student, so that all situations are handled in a compassionate and equitable manner.  For this procedure, the Director of Enrollment Services/Register will be the primary contact or coordinating person.

  1. Once Rogue Community College is notified of the death of a student, the Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar will verify the death without causing undue distress to the family; the college will not require a death certificate.
    1. When a death that is suspected to be a suicide involves an individual who is 24 years of age or younger, ORS 418.735 protocol will be followed.
    2. RCC may be notified of the death of a student through many means; a newspaper article, obituary, from a family member of family representative, police report, or other credible information source.
    3. In the event notification is made in person, that person should be referred to the Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar or their designee to establish a primary point of contact.  The director will summarize the procedure that will be followed and will use judgment on what information will be shared with the campus community, especially when ORS 418.735 protocol is required.
  2. The Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar will:
    1. Establish themselves as the primary point of contact for the family, and share office contact information should questions arise during the process and will acquire a family point of contact with contact information should the family need to be reached.
    2. Use discretion and maintain appropriate confidentiality when contacting relevant office on campus such as Financial Aid, Counseling, Cashier, Business Services, Instructors, Human Resources, Instructional Services Office, Business and Community Services Office, President’s Office and any campus organization with which the student was involved.
    3. Be responsible for communicating condolences to the family including notation that the appropriate campus offices and instructors have been contacted; tuition refund, payroll check (if applicable); information stating the student has been dropped from his/her classes; degree/certificate (if applicable); statement that the director will be the deceased student’s family’s campus contact person.
  3. The Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar will direct college offices to manage the student account as follows:
    1. Enrollment Services will flag the deceased box in Student Management and scan the article that serves as notification of death into the student record.  The deceased flag will suppress all college correspondence.
    2. If applicable, the student’s registration will be backed out of the system and a full tuition refund will be granted and fees and fines will be backed out of the student’s account.
    3. Any pending Incomplete grades on the student’s transcript will be changed to withdraw.
    4. If a refund is owed, the Business Services Office will issue a check to be included with the director’s letter of condolence.
    5. Enrollment Services will do an evaluation for degree- or certificate-seeking students.  If the student has completed 50% or more of the requirements needed for his/her degree or certificate, Enrollment Services will award an honorary posthumous degree or certificate to be mailed to the family at a later date.
    6. Student Employment Services will determine if the student is owed any money due to campus employment.  If so, a check is immediately issued and forwarded to the director’s office to be included with his/her letter.
    7. Human Resources will determine if the student is an employee receiving RCC benefits via health insurance, life insurance, etc.  If so, Human Resources will contact the stablished family contact to discuss the appropriate information.
    8. Financial Aid will contact the established family contact to explain the forgiveness policy regarding student loans (if applicable).
    9. The Foundation Office will be notified if the student is a scholarship recipient so that future awards may be reallocated.
    10. In the event the Medical Examiner determines the death qualifies to be treated according to ORS 418.735, the Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar will notify the Counseling Department Chair so that post-intervention response can be coordinated on campus in conjunction with the Suicide Prevention Coalition and Suicide Response subcommittee.

ORS 418.735 states that The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has developed a plan for communication among local mental health authorities and local systems to improve notifications and information-sharing when a death that is suspected to be a suicide involves an individual who is 24 years of age or younger. The plan addresses community suicide response and post-intervention efforts to include the local mental health authority (Jackson or Josephine County Mental Health), area schools and universities, agencies that provide services or resources to run-away or homeless youth.

Rescinds Policy Number: AP-065

Approved: November 2, 2021