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AP-5436 Art Displays



Rogue Community College is committed to providing aesthetic and intellectual stimuli to a broad public, including students, employees, alumni, and the community. The College supports artistic expression and the College’s use of space for artistic displays. All areas of the college premises are treated as extensions of the classroom and therefore subject to regulation by the Visual Arts Design Program, and Ad Hoc Committee.

The College accommodates the rights, privileges, and preferences of three constituent groups.

  1. Those who wish to display art and express themselves artistically
  2. Those who wish to visit the campus to view art
  3. Those who wish to visit the campus to participate in Gallery shows and events

Rogue Community College accommodates all three constituent groups by designating where on campus art may be displayed. More specifically, this policy stipulates that art may be displayed in designated locations where visitors may come for the purpose of viewing it and that art may also be displayed in other spaces but may not interfere with or disrupt the regular conduct of business at Rogue Community College.

By extending the classroom into a temporary and more public space, students are introduced to the challenges faced by artists interacting with a public audience. At the same time, such exposure brings greater responsibilities. Art displayed in more public spaces attracts a different kind of scrutiny from that received in the classroom. Audiences can be less predictable, and successful communication presents greater challenges. Faculty should help’s students understand these issues within an educational framework. Both faculty and students should be aware that art often raises topics that are complex and demand thoughtful engagement.

At Rogue Community College, artistic expression includes granting privilege to students, faculty, staff and members of the public for using space on campus for displays of works of art. The public display of artwork by a student is subject to the specifications of this policy. The restrictions described herein with regard to public display (except for those concerning safety and protecting persons and property from injury or damage) do not apply to the display of a student’s submissions to the art faculty as part of the process of reviewing and judging the student’s satisfying any and all artwork the student wishes to submit as part of the requirements for a course or program. This policy only applies when such artwork is proposed for general display.

Application Process:
A member of the art faculty, the Visual Art and Design Department Chair and the Art Gallery Director will review the actual artwork proposed for exhibit unless the exhibit is class work only. 
The pieces are judged on the following criteria:  1) artistic achievement, 2) originality, and 3) consistency with a gallery and/or show’s theme.

The College reserves the right to review applications to determine how to address potential controversy without limiting freedom of expression.
To make an appointment for review, please call the Visual Art & Design Department at 541-956-7140.

Rescinds Procedure Number: AP-004

Approved: October 5, 2021