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AP 5110 Counseling


NWCCU 2020 Standards 1. D. 1 and 2. G. 6
ORS 341.290(13)
AP 3430 Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment
AP 3435 Discrimination and Harassment Report and Investigations
AP 4250 Academic Probation
AP 4255 Academic Suspension and Reinstatement
AP 5130 Financial Aid
AP 5530 Student Complaint and Grievance Procedure

Counseling services are an essential part of the educational mission of Rogue Community College. Counseling services address the emotional, social, and personal difficulties our students experience while reaching their educational goals. In order to assist our students, the College’s Counseling department offers counseling services that including academic, career, crisis, financial, mental health and personal counseling that are related to the student’s education.

RCC’s Counseling department's goal is to assist students succeed and make the most of their RCC experience. Counselors provide retention and support services to current students including: adjusting to the change of beginning or returning to school, developing academic plans for accomplishing goals, improving inter-personal communication skills, coping with stress and anxiety, strengthening skills necessary for student success, and assisting students make career and financial choices. Students also receive referrals for more in depth off-campus counseling services and for in depth drug and alcohol counseling services.

Confidential, short-term personal counseling services are available at no charge to RCC students. Counselors also offer group sessions and workshops to RCC students covering multiple topics. By offering these services, Counselors can assist students in reducing their test anxiety, gaining stress management skills, developing and maintaining healthy relationships, balancing demands of family, school, and work, learning conflict resolution and strategies, having students learn to become more effective problem solvers as well as self-advocates. 

Counselors are a valuable resource for students in regards to College as well as community resources that a student may need.  These needs may include food, housing, transportation, childcare, employment, healthcare, tutoring, and technology.

Counselors are available for crisis intervention for students during business hours, Monday through Friday. Counselors also assist students in navigating the College’s systems including the Student Compliant and Grievance process, AP 5530, the Discrimination and Harassment Report and Investigations, AP 3430 and AP 3435, and the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) process, AP 4250, AP 4255, and AP 5130.

The Counseling faculty also teach the College Success and Survival course, which increases student retention and success.

Counselors are also an important resource for staff and faculty. Counselors can facilitate constructive interaction and conversations between staff or faculty with students to foster a better learning environment for the entire community.

Rescinds Procedure Number: None

Approved:  April 13, 2020