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AP 5075 Course Adds and Drops


NWCCU 2020 Standard 2.G.2
No Oregon statutory requirement

Adding Courses
Students may add classes by registering on the RCC website through their myRogue account during registration periods through the first week of term.  After the registration period concludes, students must have instructor approval to add a class.

Official Drop
Students may drop classes online in myRogue, through the deadline to drop classes.  Students who officially drop receive a full refund. There is no notation of the class on a transcript.

Official Withdrawals
After the drop period concludes, students may withdraw online in myRogue.  There is no refund for a withdrawal and a grade of W is noted on a transcript.   The date the student withdraws online is the official last date of attendance.  The official drop and withdrawal dates are date stamped in the college Student Information System.

Unofficial Withdrawal
Students who stop attending but do not officially drop or withdraw online, receive the grade that they earned based on syllabus requirements.  If that grade is F, Incomplete, or NP, the instructor must enter the last date of attendance on the online grade roster. In an online class, the last date of attendance is the last day that a student engaged in academically related activity such as submitting an assignment or a test.  It is not the last date the student logged on, but did not submit assigned work.

Rescinds Procedure Number: None

Approved: April 13, 2020

Names, titles and departments updated: February 14, 2022