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AP 4238 Dual Credit


34 Code of Federal Regulations Part 668.16(p) (U.S. Department of Education regulations on the Integrity of Federal Student Financial Aid Programs under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended);
NWCCU 2020 Standard 1.C.4
ORS 341.290(7)
ORS 341.481
ORS 340.005 to 340.330 (Expanded Options/Dual Credit Programs)
A/BP 5010
AP 5011 Admission and Dual (Concurrent) Enrollment of High School and Other Young Students
AP 5012 International Students

The Dual Credit standards are modeled after the Oregon Dual Credit Standards; however, they broaden the options for offering college courses at the high school by providing explicit standards for faculty/teacher partnerships to ensure appropriate expertise, oversight and alignment. Dual credit allows a high school the opportunity to work closely with Rogue Community College (RCC) to offer courses in a variety of methods.

In all circumstances, regardless of method of delivery, RCC will ensure:

  1. RCC will maintain an annual contract with the participating school/school districts that outlines school, student, RCC, and district responsibilities (including required training such as mandatory reporting, FERPA, sexual harassment, and substance abuse prevention, and pertinent payment information).
  2. Student participants may be awarded secondary and postsecondary credit for College Now courses offered in a high school during regular school hours, as determined by local school board and community college board policy.
  3. All high school students who enroll and complete approved classes will have the course and grade transcripted by RCC.
  4. All courses and subject matter taught are college level.
  5. All students who register are admitted and registered according to RCC policies, and procedures, and are subject to all RCC policies, procedures, and standards.

All dual credit faculty will meet qualifications for teaching that are the same as the RCC college faculty qualifications. The process at RCC is as follows:

  1. The high school faculty member completes a request to teach a course using the application form available on the College Now web page.
  2. The application must include transcripts, a resume for CTE programs, and a completed syllabus for the course. Once approved, College Now staff will work to coordinate, and facilitate the building of courses and the registration process.
  3. Classes will be built as separate College Now sections.
  4. Annual reporting to the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) will be completed as required.
  5. RCC will participate in College Now audits as required by the HECC.

Also see BP/AP 5010 Admissions, AP 5011 Admission and Dual (Concurrent) Enrollment of High School and Other Young Students, AP 5012 International Students.

Rescinds Policy Number: AP-105, VIII.A.050

Approved:  December 19, 2019

Revised: January 5, 2021