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AP 4100 Graduation Requirements for Degrees and Certificates


NWCCU 2020 Standards 1.C.1, 1.C.2, 1.C.4, 1.D.3, 2.C.1, 2.C.2, 2.C.3

To receive a state-approved degree or certificate from Rogue Community College, students must successfully complete the appropriate coursework with a minimum grade of “C” or “pass” and meet the following standards:

  1. General Education Requirements (applies to degrees, certificates and career pathways certificates)
    1. Fulfill requirements listed on a graduation guide or catalog. There is no time limit to complete a degree or certificate so long as the program has not been terminated or suspended.  The college may elect any set of catalog requirements for a student to complete from the year a student begins a program through the current year.
    2. In the event that a specific Articulated Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science program degree, Associate of Applied Science program option, or program certificate of completion is suspended or terminated, declared majors making significant progress each term in the academic year may be eligible to participate in a teach-out plan as defined in AP 4021 Program Discontinuance.
  2. Degrees
    1. Students must earn a minimum of 24 credits toward their degree at RCC.
    2. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at the time the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer or Associate of Science Oregon Transfer degree is awarded.
    3. Student must have a 2.00 GPA based on the RCC courses completed toward their Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science degree.
  3. One and Two-Year Certificate
    1. Students must earn at least 12 RCC credits towards the certificate.
    2. Students must have a 2.00 GPA based on the RCC courses completed for the program.
  4. Less-than-one-year Certificate and Career Pathways Certificate
    1. Students must complete at least 25 percent of the credits that apply towards the certificate at RCC.
    2. Students must have a 2.00 GPA based on the RCC courses completed for the program.
  5. Non-Credit Training Certificate
    1. Students may apply only RCC non-credit course work toward the certificate.
    2. Credit course work may not be used to meet requirements.
  6. Apply for graduation by published deadlines. RCC will award degrees and certificates when the college recognizes that a student has completed necessary credits, regardless of whether the student applied to receive the degree or certificate.
  7. Official transcripts from other educational institutions with transfer credits to be used toward the credential must be received in the Enrollment Services Department.
  8. Credit by Examination as defined in AP 4235 may be used to satisfy a maximum of 25% of the requirements for a certificate or degree.
  9. The awarding of a credential becomes official only when awarding information has been posted to the transcript.
  10. Posthumous Grades and Awards as defined in AP 5541 Deceased Student. Upon notice of a student’s death any pending incomplete grades on the student’s transcript will be changed to withdrawn and Enrollment Services will determine if a posthumous award may be granted.

Pathways Certificates of Completion and Non-Credit Training Certificates differ from the traditional certificates and degrees and these completers are not eligible to participate in commencement exercises.

Rescinds Procedure Number: AP-067

Approved: January 7, 2020

Revised: October 5, 2021

Accreditation reference updated January 28, 2020