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AP 4030 Academic Freedom


NWCCU 2020 Standards 2.B.1, 2.B.2
OAR 589-008-0100(f)
1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure, American Association of University Professor (AAUP)

Academic freedom is the freedom to pursue knowledge and develop lines of thought or argument without fear of reprimand or retribution. Academic freedom primarily applies to faculty, allowing faculty to present ideas and facts (including those that are unpopular or controversial) in a manner as described in BP 4030; students shall also have the freedom to inquire, challenge or disagree, and develop their own lines of thought or argument.

  1. Instructors are entitled to freedom in the classroom in discussing their subject, but they should be careful not to introduce into their teaching controversial matter which has no relation to their subject.
  2. Instructors are citizens, members of a learned profession, and members of the institution. When they speak or write as citizens, they should be free from institutional censorship or discipline, but their special position in the community imposes special obligations. Therefore they should at all times be accurate, should exercise appropriate restraint, should show respect for the opinions of others, and should make every effort to indicate that they are not speaking for the institution.
  3. Academic freedom is ingrained with academic responsibility and does not permit faculty or students to ignore College regulations, inappropriately promote an individual’s agenda in the classroom or treat others with disrespect. 

To ensure these principles of academic freedom, the administrators at Rogue Community College will demonstrate their support by working toward a climate which will foster this freedom.  Such participation will extend to the point of defending and supporting faculty members who, while maintaining the high standards of their profession, find their freedom of expression attacked or curtailed.

If the College deems content presented by faculty to go beyond the scope of academic freedom or in violation of College regulations, the faculty member will be asked to discontinue use of said content. Failure to comply with this request may result in discipline as outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Rescinds Procedure Number: None

Approved:  November 5, 2019

Accreditation reference updated January 28, 2020