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Rogue Community College Board of Education

AP 4025 Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and General Education


NWCCU 2020 Standards 1.C.1, 1.C.6
ORS 341.009 (policy findings)
ORS 341.290 (board powers)

Rogue Community College utilizes the standards the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) has approved for general education outcomes for foundational and discipline courses to fulfill Associate of Arts and Associate of Science requirements.

Rogue Community College has developed general education requirements for Associate of Applied Science degrees, Associate of General Studies degrees and selected certificate programs.  These requirements are identified by the Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee and reviewed annually to ensure students are meeting identified institutional learning outcomes and that outcomes align with the mission of the institution, its purpose and meets the needs of the demographics and economics of the community.

General education outcomes for all programs are published in the college catalog, the college website and on graduation guides.

Rescinds Procedure Number: None

Approved: April 7, 2020