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AP 4021 Program Discontinuance


NWCCU 2020 Standards 1.C.1, 1.C.5

Through a formal analysis of program viability, there may be a determination that an academic program would be eliminated from the institution’s offerings.  The process for discontinuing a program and completing eligible students currently in the program is outlined below.

1. A teach-out plan is a written plan that provides for the equitable treatment of students if Rogue Community College (RCC) ceases to operate or ceases instruction at one or more locations that provide 100% of at least one degree program or in one or more degree programs before all students have completed their program of study.

1.1 The need for a teach-out may be suggested/recommended by faculty, but will be approved by administration.
1.2 The deciding entity is considered the sponsor and is responsible for completing the Teach-out Form for Discontinued Instructional Programs.
1.3 Plans must ensure that RCC will maintain the necessary experience, resources, and support services to provide an educational program that is of acceptable quality and reasonably similar in content, structure, and scheduling to that promised to the students upon enrollment.
1.4 Teach out plans must also demonstrate the institution’s stability and the ability to carry out its mission and meet all obligations to existing students.
1.5 Plans must ensure that the program is offered to students without additional charge over what had been previously in place. If another entity is involved in the teach-out, RCC agrees to provide notification to students of any additional charges.
1.6 RCC endeavors to complete all teach-out plans for students. Only in the direst of circumstances would the assistance of another recognized, accredited, college be contacted to provide assistance.
1.7 The Teach-out Form for Discontinued Instructional Programs will be taken to the Rogue Community College Executive Team for approval.
1.8 Once approved by the Executive Team, the Teach-out plan must be approved by the RCC Board of Education.
1.9 Once approved by the RCC Board, the Teach-out plan must be approved by the Community College and Workforce Development (CCWD) division of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) via WebForms submission. The CCWD will respond to the request with a letter of response to the President.

Following CCWD approval, this letter will be provided to the Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO), Director of Financial Aid, and Veteran’s Coordinator who will notify the RCC accreditation body and other stakeholders of the substantive change. An email will also be sent to student records at [email protected] so that Degree Audit can be updated appropriately.

2. There are two criteria for determining eligibility of students for teach out in discontinued programs. Students must be both declared majors (Tier III), and making significant progress in the program each term of the current year, so that there is a reasonable expectation that all requirements can be completed within a specified timeframe.

2.1 The office of Curriculum and Scheduling coordinates the teach-out plan.
2.2 The Institutional Researcher will be asked to provide the Curriculum and Scheduling Office with two lists of declared majors in the discontinued program. 1) Those who have attended one term or more in the current academic year and have not yet graduated in the program; and 2) Those who have not attended this year and also have not graduated in the program.
2.3 The transcripts of all students in 2.2, above, will be reviewed by Enrollment Services to determine courses still needed and these will be sent to the Dean of Curriculum and Scheduling. S/he will then work with the appropriate department chair for completeness planning. Based on departmental recommendation, students can be added to the cadre on a case-by-case basis and as circumstances warrant.
2.4 Students will be notified of their eligibility for teach-out via email from the Curriculum and Scheduling Office. If they are not accepted into the teach-out, the email will direct students to contact their advisor to determine other options. If accepted, the email contains an individualized plan for each student outlining courses needed for graduation, how the courses will be scheduled, and the timeline for completing all requirements.
2.5 Students in the cadre will be asked to commit, in writing, to the teach-out plan. This “contract” should then be sent to Enrollment Services so it can be scanned into students’ advising files.
2.6 Advisors may find it necessary to approve subsequent changes to individualized plans if beneficial to students. Any such changes must be documented in the Student Management/Advising program as they are made so student progress can be monitored.

Rescinds Procedure Number: AP-109

Approved:  January 7, 2020

Accreditation reference updated January 31, 2020