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Rogue Community College Board of Education

AP 3905 Posting Information



Redwood Campus: Asst. to Vice President, Student Learning & Success, 541-956-7187
Riverside Campus/Higher Education Center: Administrative Assistant, 541-956-7353
Table Rock Campus: Program Support Specialist, 541-956-7101
Illinois Valley Learning Center: Adult Basic Skills Main Office, 541-956-7490 

Public announcement boards are intended to promote communication from departments, students and community groups. With the exception of materials from Rogue Community College (RCC) sponsored programs, all posted materials require a stamped approval obtainable from the designated person on each campus (above). Posted materials may include personal ads such as items for sale or rent, roommates or rides needed. 

All posted materials should identify source of origin, provide an email, website, address, or telephone number, and be presented in a readable manner. Material will generally be approved; however, postings that contain information that is: 

  • Slanderous
  • Libelous
  • Pornographic
  • Discriminating as defined by ORS 659.850
  • Illegal 

will NOT be posted. Materials that do not benefit RCC’s students and/or do not align with RCC’s stated mission and values may not be approved, at the sole discretion of the appointed authorizer.  Postings also will not be approved or posted if the source of origin is not identified. 

The College may remove any posting not in compliance with this procedure. The boards are otherwise generally cleared on or about the last day of every month or approximately every 30 days based on the date posted. 

Rescinds Policy Number: AP-044

Approved: November 1, 2022