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AP 3566 Minors on Campus



For purposes of this administrative procedure, a minor is defined as an individual under the age of 18 years old who is not an RCC student.

The College seeks to provide an open-access, safe and welcoming environment for students, employees, and visitors alike; it also takes the position that the college environment is not generally appropriate for minors.

Students, Employees, and Visitors

The College recognizes that some minors may be present on campus for a variety of legitimate reasons. They may visit:

  • as prospective students while in high school or once they graduate from high school,
  • to accompany current students or employees to official College activities, programming, or events,
  • to come as participants on field trips or community service projects,
  • to accompany their parents who are prospective or current RCC students and who are receiving services from RCC,
  • to participate in classes or programs as part of an agreement between RCC and local schools or community organizations.

This procedure requires appropriate adult supervision for all minors on campus at all times. When minors are on campus as part of an official college activity or event (such as a camp), the individuals leading the activity or event are responsible for ensuring minors are supervised while on campus. When minors are on campus for the reasons outlined above, the individual accompanying them is responsible for ensuring their supervision and safety at all times. Students who are minors and who are currently enrolled and taking classes with the College are exempted from the supervisory requirements of this policy.

In order to create an optimal learning and working environment, under normal circumstances, minors are not permitted to attend class sessions or other instructional programming or to remain in an employee’s workspace. This creates the possibility for disruption, potential safety and liability concerns and may detract from the delivery of instruction and other services. To assist students, the College has many online course offerings available if childcare cannot be secured for in person classes.

The College recognizes that minors often appropriately accompany adults during visits to the College. In these instances, it is the adult's responsibility to ensure that the minors behave appropriately. It is inappropriate for a parent/guardian to ask members of the college community—faculty, staff, or students—to assume these responsibilities unless they leave the minor in a college program sanctioned for children. Parents with minors may be asked to leave if the minor’s behavior is disruptive to the college environment.

Unaccompanied or Unsupervised Minors

An individual observing an unaccompanied or unsupervised minor on campus should immediately report the situation to Campus Security. The reporting individual should remain with the minor until Campus Security responds. One-on-one contact with minors should be avoided, and the presence of a second adult should be sought immediately.

Campus Security will attempt to locate the minor’s parent or other responsible parties to remedy the situation. If the parent or responsible party cannot or will not remedy the situation in a reasonable amount of time, Campus Security will refer the situation to local law enforcement.


If a minor is responsible for causing damage to college property or causing an accident, the College may make a claim against the person responsible for the minor (the 'supervising adult'), and that person may be sued for damages by the College.

Violations or persistent abuse of this procedure will be directed to and handled by the following college departments:

Violations involving students will be referred to the Director of Advising, Compliance, and Deputy Title IX Coordinator.

Violations involving employees will be referred to the employee's immediate supervisor or Human Resources.

Violations involving visitors to campus, contractors working on campus, or individuals on campus as part of a facility rental will be referred to the Director of Risk Management.


Rescinds Procedure Number: AP-005 Children on Campus

Approved: June 7, 2022