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AP 3515 Reporting of Crimes


Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act
20 United States Code Section 1232g;
34 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 99.31(a)(13), (14) and 668.46;
NWCCU 2010 Standard 2.D.2

Rogue Community College is committed to the safety and security of all members of the college community. As part of this commitment, Rogue Community College encourages the prompt reporting of all criminal activity and emergency situations. Rogue Community College has implemented the following procedure that outlines various reporting options, which reporting options are confidential, which reporting options are not confidential, and when reporting becomes mandatory.

This procedure applies to all the Rogue Community College District locations.

Rogue Community College utilizes the following procedures related to the reporting of criminal activity and other emergency situations on campus. In the event that there is an imminent threat to the safety and security of an individual or the college as a whole, any incident should be reported directly to local law enforcement and then to Rogue Community College Security.

After contacting 911, RCC Security is the primary reporting location for all criminal activity and emergency situations on campus. Reporting can be accomplished by the following means:

RCC Security at the Redwood Campus is the primary security contact for all after hours needs and may be reached 24 hours per day 7 days per week via phone at 541-218-2930.

RCC Security at the Riverside Campus may be reached between 7am and 11pm Monday – Friday and from 7am – 7pm on Saturday via phone at 541-218-2931.

RCC Security at the Table Rock Campus may be reached between 7am and 10:30pm Monday – Friday and between 7am and 7pm on Saturday via phone at 541-218-3639.

Crime reports and incident reports submitted to RCC Security are covered under state law and are subject to public record requirements.

Reporting can also be accomplished by contacting the following individuals, positions or departments.

Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) are individual employees of Rogue Community College who have been designated as CSAs because of specific duties or responsibilities associated with their position. A list of current CSAs is maintained on the Risk Management webpage. CSAs are required to forward all reports they receive in their role as a CSA to RCC Security. Confidentiality may be maintained, however it may limit any further action by Rogue Community College.

Professional counselors are available by calling 541-956-7443 or by emailing [email protected] Reports received by counselors are confidential in most cases. Professional counselors are required to report incidents of child abuse, elder abuse, and in situations where students are at risk of harm to themselves or others.  Rogue Community College supports professional counselors in their professional counselor capacity in which they inform those students they counsel on the procedures for reporting crimes but will support the student's decision on how the student wishes to proceed.  However the counselors will provide aggregate non-identifying data for inclusion in the institution’s annual security report and Web-based reports.

Title IX Coordinators - Any individual who believes that they may have experienced a violation of Title IX to include sexual harassment and or sexual assault may report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator. All Rogue Community College employees must report any incidents of possible violations of Title IX to the appropriate Title IX Coordinator.  The Rogue Community College Title IX Coordinator is the Director of Risk Management. The Deputy Title IX Coordinator for employees is the Risk Management Coordinator. The Deputy Title IX Coordinators can be found at

Note: Any incident that has the potential to cause an immediate or continued threat to the College Community should be reported directly to RCC Security in order to facilitate the possible issuance of a Timely Warning as required by the Clery Act.

Rescinds Procedure Number: AP-047a (partial), AP-047b (partial), AP-047c (partial), AP-063 (partial), AP-064 (partial)

Approved:  April 30, 2019