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AP 3506 Timely Warnings


Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act
34 Code of Federal Regulations Part 668.46

This procedure applies to all the Rogue Community College District locations.

Rogue Community College utilizes the following procedures to provide Timely Warning notifications in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.

RCC Risk Management is the primary department tasked with the Timely Warning notification procedure. Secondary responsibility is assigned to the Community & Government Relations Coordinator. In the event that the Risk Management Department and the Community & Government Relations Coordinator is unavailable the following positions may also issue Timely Warnings:

Chief Human Resources Officer
VP of Academic Affairs
VP of Student Affairs
VP of Operations and Finance
Administrator in Charge in the Absence of the President

Once the determination has been made by the Director of Risk Management or designee that a Timely Warning needs to be initiated and if time permits, the Director of Risk Management or designee will review the content of the message with the College President and/or the Chief Human Resources Officer.

Timely Warnings will be initiated for all crimes that are reported to Rogue Community College Security, local law enforcement or a college official that have significant responsibility for student and campus activities, that occur within a Rogue Community College geographical area as defined under the Clery Act and that represent a serious or continued threat to the college community.

The notification will be sent out to the College community through the College’s email system. The same message will be posted on the College’s Risk Management website. Rogue Community College has the ability to notify specific College campuses through the email system and will evaluate the specific emergency when making the determination on who receives the notification.

All Timely Warnings will be initiated without delay unless the notification will, in the professional judgment of responsible officials, compromise efforts to assist a victim or to contain, respond to, or otherwise mitigate an emergency.

In the event that additional information related to an incident is provided to the college Risk Management Department, RCC will determine on a case by case basis whether to issue a follow up message. The follow up message may be communicated through a variety of different options including email, phone call, news release, etc.

The college Risk Management Department is responsible for sending out an email reminder within the first five days of each quarter to all current faculty, staff and students explaining the Timely Warning procedure.


Rescinds Procedure Number: None

Approved:  October 30, 2018