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Spacer Rogue Community College Board of Education

Rogue Community College Board of Education

AP 3200 Accreditation


NWCCU 2020 Standard 2.D.1

Rogue Community College monitors its compliance with the NWCCU Standards for Accreditation and follows NWCCU policies as described on the accreditor’s website. All collective bargaining agreements, legislative actions, and external mandates are viewed through the lens of accreditation standards and policies. The college Accreditation Liaison Officer is responsible for consulting with NWCCU whenever there appears to be misalignment to identify solutions.

The college represents its accreditation status on its website and in various college publications based upon its current accreditation status and the language conferred by the accrediting agency.

Rescinds Procedure Number: None

Approved:  April 30, 2019 

Revised: July 30, 2019