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Rogue Community College Board of Education

AP 3053 Respectful College Community


NWCCU 2020 Standards 2.D.2. and 2.D.3.

In accordance with Board policy, certain fundamental values characterize the institution in which we work, and guide us in the accomplishment of the College mission. Those values include:

  • Integrity which requires us, as an institution and individuals, to be transparent, ethical and accountable;
  • Collaboration which promotes an agile, responsive culture to address the aspirations and needs of our communities creatively;
  • Inclusion which creates a compassionate and safe environment that views all individuals and ideas fairly;
  • Stewardship which commits us to responsible and thoughtful guardianship of our human, economic, and cultural resources; and
  • Courage which frees the institution to find and pursue the best path in support of student learning and Rogue excellence.

Employees, students, vendors, and members of the general public are expected to:

  1. Treat all employees, students and members of the general public with dignity and respect in their behavior and their communications when they are on campus or involved in a college activity;
  2. Accept responsibility for the appropriateness of their own conduct; and
  3. Comply with all laws, policies, procedures, or contracts applicable to workplace and academic behavior.

It is impossible to list all forms of conduct that might be considered disrespectful or inappropriate. Certain behaviors, such as physical violence, or threat of violence, are clearly unacceptable at any time. Other more subtle behaviors deemed inappropriate by the college are prohibited. Examples include, but are not limited to, behavior that disrupts student learning or business operations of the college, excessive rudeness, behavior that has the effect of humiliating others, and intolerance of the use of languages other than English.

Behavior that involves unlawful discrimination in the form of harassment based on a protected status under state or federal law is covered under the College’s discrimination and harassment policies and procedures.

Reports of behavior covered under this procedure will be taken seriously by supervisors and followed up on as promptly as is reasonably possible. Rogue Community College will make the determination of violation of this procedure based on the perceptions of the recipient and will consider what a “reasonable person” would have found to be in violation of this procedure. The determination will be made applying the reasonable person standard. Supervisory failure to address violations of this administrative procedure should be reported to the next level manager and/or the Human Resources Department for further follow-up.

This procedure applies to all college employees, anyone serving in a supervisory capacity on behalf of the college, students, vendors when they are interacting with college personnel, and members of the general public.


  • Any employee engaging in behavior prohibited by this procedure is subject to disciplinary action that may include termination, subject to any applicable collective bargaining agreement, contract, or handbook
  • Any student engaging in behavior prohibited by this procedure is subject to AP 5520 Student Discipline Procedures and AP 5530 Student Rights and Grievances
  • Any vendor engaging in behavior prohibited by this procedure may have their contract cancelled, within the terms and conditions of their contract
  • Any member of the general public engaging in behavior prohibited by this procedure may be trespassed from college property

It is critical that everyone feel free to come forward with any complaints or concerns regarding inappropriate conduct. Retaliation against any person for making a complaint or for providing information concerning a complaint is prohibited. Any acts of retaliation may result in a sanction as outlined in the sanction portion of this procedure.


Rescinds Procedure Number: AP-024

Approved: April 13, 2020