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AP 2800 Emeritus Status Designation



All Rogue Community College (RCC) employees meeting the criteria below who have served the institution for at least 15 years of continuous service are eligible for emeritus status consideration at or after retirement. This procedure does not apply to RCC’s president, whose emeritus status is granted by the RCC Board of Education at the board’s discretion.

Any vice president can approve the nomination of an employee with at least 15 years of continuous service and can submit their names to the President for consideration by the Board. Any RCC employee may also nominate any qualified employee to their appropriate vice president or the college President. It is preferred that the Board of Education approve and award emeritus status at the Board of Education meeting prior to the last month before the employee retires.

The emeritus status may be awarded posthumously at the discretion of the Board.

The emeritus designation identifies the college employee as a continuing member of the college community.

Any granted emeritus status can, at the Board’s discretion, be revoked.

Criteria for Emeritus Status are:

  1. Outstanding and distinguished service which goes beyond the normal duties and responsibilities of the appointment, and which have had extraordinary impact on the college and/or broader community.
  2. Demonstration of exceptional dedication and contributions to the College, exemplifying the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, civic responsibility, vision and leadership.
  3. Exemplary performance in one or more of the areas of teaching, scholarship, and/or service in an outstanding manner over an extended period (15 years).
  4. Demonstration of a strong commitment to the College, its mission and goals, its student’s, and general well-being as an academic institution in the community.

Rescinds Procedure Number: V.D.070: Emeritus Awards

Approved: August 13, 2020

Revised: June 21, 2022