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AP 2745 Board of Education Self-Evaluation


NWCCU 2020 Standards 2.A.1 and 2.D.3
There is no Oregon statutory requirement.

In accordance with BP2745, Board of Education (Board) Self-Evaluation, the Board is committed to annually assessing its own performance in order to identify its strengths and areas in which it may improve its functioning.

To that end, the Board of Education has established the following processes:

  • A committee of the Board shall be appointed annually to determine the instrument or process to be used in self-evaluation.  Any evaluation instrument shall incorporate criteria contained in these policies regarding Board operations, as well as criteria defining board effectiveness promulgated by recognized practitioners in the field.
  • The process for evaluation shall be recommended to and approved by the Board.
  • If an instrument is used, board members will be asked to complete the evaluation instrument and submit them to the Assistant to the President – Governance.
  • A summary of the evaluations will be presented and discussed at an open session of a board meeting.  The results will be used to identify accomplishments and challenges in the past year and develop goals for the following year.


Rescinds Procedure Number: None

Approved: April 16, 2019

Revised: November 16, 2021

Accreditation reference updated January 27, 2020