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Rogue Community College Board of Education

AP 2710 Conflict of Interest


NWCUU 2020 Standards 2.A.1, 2.D.3
ORS 244.010 to 244.047

The Board of Education and its members are subject to the laws outlined in Oregon Revised Statues (ORS), Chapter 244, relating to ethics, actual and potential conflicts of interest, and regulation of the conduct of public employees and public officials.

These ethics laws establish specific standards of conduct. A board member cannot rely upon personal or community standards of behavior, but must refer to these laws in answering questions regarding what is and is not prohibited conduct.

All members of the Board of Education will, at a minimum:

  • Insist that all board and district business is ethical and honest
  • Be open, fair and honest - no hidden agendas
  • Refuse to use the position for personal or family gain or prestige
  • Announce conflicts of interest and determine implications before Board action is taken

Rescinds Policy Number: I.C.010

Approved:  April 16, 2019

Accreditation reference updated January 27, 2020