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Rogue Community College Board of Education

AP 2345 Public Participation at Board of Education Meetings


ORS 192.630

All meetings except for executive sessions are open to the public. The Board Chair will welcome public comment during the public comment agenda item and will provide a signup sheet. All citizens wishing to make a public comment must sign in prior to the official start of the board meeting. 

The Board chair may limit citizen comment, typically two (2) minutes per citizen.  The Board of Education will listen to public comment concerning an agenda item and/or the operations and/or programs of the College.  The Board will not hear complaints concerning individual district personnel.  The Board Chair will direct citizens to the appropriate means for Board consideration or disposition of legitimate complaints involving individuals.

Public comment is at the discretion of the Board of Education.  If at any time a member of the public disrupts the business of the Board, they will be asked to leave the meeting.


Rescinds Policy Number: I.D.110

Approved:  March 17, 2020