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Rogue Community College Board of Education

AP 2110 Vacancies on the Board of Education


ORS 341.335

When the Board of Education determines to fill the vacancy by appointment, the Rogue  Community College President shall assure that there is ample publicity and information  for prospective candidates. 

The posted notice of vacancy shall include directions regarding applications or  nominations of legally qualified candidates. Persons applying or nominated must be at  least eighteen years old and reside in the zone for which they are running. In addition,  applicants and nominees must be registered voters who have lived within the district for  one year prior to the appointment. 

Persons applying for appointment to the Board of Education shall receive a  communication from the office of the College President containing information about  Rogue Community College and the Board of Education, including a candidate information  sheet to be completed and returned by a specific date. 

The Board of Education may request personal interviews with candidates. Interviews will  be conducted in a public hearing scheduled for that purpose or at a regularly scheduled  board meeting.  Each Board of Education member will review all candidate information sheets, with final  selection made by a majority vote of the Board of Education members at a public meeting  called for that purpose or at a regularly scheduled board meeting.


Rescinds Policy Number:  I.A.040

Approved:  January 21, 2020