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RCC Strategic Plan

RCC's College Effectiveness Council

The College Effectiveness Council’s mission is to provide the College with necessary guidance and relevant data to engage in ongoing, purposeful, systematic, and comprehensive planning, assessment and continuous improvement processes that lead to mission fulfillment.

The mission and further information about the Council’s role and responsibilities are set forth in the Council Charter. Membership is by President's appointment.

College Effectiveness Council's strategic planning responsibilities include designing and conducting:

  • A collaborative strategic planning process; and
  • A collaborative budgeting process that links the annual budget to the strategic plan.
  • Core theme champions oversee the implementation of the plan. Champions also provide the CEC and the RCC Board of Education with one or more progress reports.
  • Once a year, the CEC hosts an annual assessment retreat where each college goal, objective and annual outcome is carefully evaluated. A written assessment report is prepared addressing progress made on annual outcomes.
  • The assessment team scores each objective and then averages these scores to provide an overall score for each goal.
  • The assessment team and champions also recommend modifications as needed to the institutional goals and objectives to the Board of Education. Each new year, champions develop annual action plans for how outcomes will be achieved and departments develop annual objectives and action plans based on the approved institutional goals, objectives and annual outcomes.
  • Departmental assessments are incorporated in the annual assessment process.

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