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A budget is a financial plan containing estimates of revenues and expenditures for a single fiscal year or biennial budget period. Budgeting allows a local government to evaluate its needs in light of the revenue sources available to meet those needs. A complete budget justifies the imposition of property taxes and the making of the appropriations that give the government its authority to spend public money.

Budgeting is not simply something a local government does once every year or two. It is a continuous process, taking 12 or 24 months to complete a cycle. The budgeting process has four parts. The budget is: 1) prepared, 2) approved, 3) adopted, and 4) executed. After adopting the budget, the governing body makes the necessary appropriations and certifies to the county assessor the tax to be imposed. Oregon’s Local Budget Law has several important objectives (ORS 294.321):

  • To establish standard procedures for the preparation, presentation, administration and appraisal of budgets of municipal corporations;
  • To provide for a brief description of the programs of a municipal corporation and the fiscal policy which is to accomplish these programs;
  • To provide estimates of revenues, expenditures and proposed taxes;
  • To provide specific methods for obtaining public views in the preparation of fiscal policy;
  • To provide for the control of revenues and expenditures for the promotion of efficiency and economy in the expenditure of public funds; and
  • To enable the public, taxpayers and investors to be apprised of the financial policies and administration of the municipal corporation in which they are interested.

Oregon’s Local Budget Law is found in Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 294.305 to 294.565. The full text of these statutes can be found on the Oregon Legislature website.

About Budget

A Budget is a written document showing Rogue Community College's comprehensive financial plan for one fiscal year or biennium. It must include a balance statement of actual revenues and expenditures during each of the last two years, and estimated revenues and expenditures for the current and upcoming year.

The Budget Office

  • Prepares and distributes the annual budget document
  • Maintains and updates the College's annual budget
  • Provides information, training and assistance to division/department budget administrators
  • Prepares budget and financial reports

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