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RCC Foundation Scholarships - Frequently Asked Questions

I applied for scholarships. How much money will I get?
Through submission of an RCC Foundation Scholarship Application, students are able to apply for all available scholarships at once; nearly 200 separate funds.  Individual award amounts vary from about $1000 up to $6000, however students may receive multiple awards up to the $6000/year cap.
I submitted my scholarship application. How will I find out if I am receiving an award? 
All applicants will receive an email to their RCC student email from the RCC Foundation through the ScholarshipUniverse system notifying them of any awards they may have been offered.  Only recipients who have been chosen for award offers will receive an email notification. The notification dates vary but are generally within 2 months of the application deadline. Please do not call the foundation office for results. The Foundation will not give scholarship information over the phone. Email us at [email protected].
I received a scholarship, what happens next? 
All recipients are REQUIRED to accept their scholarship(s) by submitting an online Thank You by the deadline in their notification.  Students who do not meet this requirement will forfeit their scholarship offer(s).
How do I get my scholarship money?
Scholarship awards of $501 or more are generally applied directly to student accounts in three equal installments (fall/winter/spring).  The first installment will post to your account prior to the beginning of fall term. Awards of $500 or less will post to the fall term only. If you will be attending summer term and would like to ask that a portion of your award be applied to that term, complete an Exception Form.

I received a scholarship but decided I'm going to a different college. Can I take my scholarship with me or give it to a friend?
RCC Foundation scholarships are not transferable and cannot be used at any college or institution other than RCC. Declined awards will be returned to the original fund and may be awarded to another eligible student according to RCC Foundation policies & procedure.
Can I use my scholarship award to purchase books?
If you have funds left in your student account after tuition and fees have posted for the term, you may use excess funds toward the purchase of books/supplies at RCC’s online bookstore. 
I’m enrolled for classes but the scholarship money is not in my account.
Each term students are required to meet minimum enrollment and GPA requirements as designated by your scholarship award.  These requirements are disclosed with your scholarship offer(s).  If you do not meet the requirements for any term that the scholarship is awarded, your current/future disbursement(s) will be canceled and removed from your account. Scholarships that are included on your Award Letter from Financial Aid are generally posted to your RCC student account as soon as the middle of the second week of term. If you do not see anticipated scholarship funds on your account by the end of the second week, please see your RCC Financial Aid Advisor.

I received a scholarship, but I have special circumstances that I would like to have considered.
(Examples: I would like to have funds available during summer term; I can’t meet the enrollment requirements for fall term; my scholarship requires 12 credits per term but my program is considered FT at 9 credits, etc.)  If you are requesting any exception to the disbursement of your scholarship, you must complete the Scholarship Exception Form.  Any circumstances that may affect your scholarship eligibility should be discussed with the foundation office immediately (email: [email protected]). All decisions are made by the RCC Foundation Scholarship Committee and can take up to two weeks to process.
Steps required to finalize a scholarship award.
If you are selected as a scholarship recipient, these steps must be followed to receive and remain eligible for your award.

  1. Accept each scholarship offer with a timely online Thank You prior to the deadline given in your offer email.
  2. Maintain the specific enrollment and GPA requirements as indicated by your award letter in order for the award to remain intact for the current and upcoming terms. If you are selected for a scholarship and will not meet the minimum requirements for any term covered by the award, or if you have any questions about your requirements, contact the foundation office directly at [email protected] or 541-956-7293.

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