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Writing Tutorial Information

Tutors are eager to assist you in your efforts to improve your writing skills; however, the amount of time a tutor can spend on a writing assignment will vary depending upon how busy the center is at that particular visit. In general, tutors will not be able to read entire papers longer than 3 pages so have specific problem areas identified.

We offer friendly, competent assistance to help you improve your work. But writing improvement takes time. Therefore, to help us help you...

  • Come to the center with as much information about your assignment as you can. Check with your instructor if you have any questions about it.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to see us.
  • Bring returned, graded essays if you like.
  • Bring your papers in a fairly finished form for ease of reading by a tutor. (In other words, you've made some corrections from the original rough draft.)
  • Come with questions regarding specific problem areas, mechanics, development of ideas, continuity, etc. in the assignment. You should know what you want the tutor to look over. The tutor will not point out each error but alert you to check that type of error.

Our staff cannot offer...

  • A proofreading, rewriting, correcting service.
  • A "we write it for you" arrangement.
  • A 20 minute miracle cure (but we can come close).
  • A guarantee that your paper is perfect when you leave.