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Reverse Transfer FAQs

What is the Reverse Transfer Program?

Students who have successfully completed at least 24 college-level credits at RCC, and have transferred to another college/university before completing an associate's degree or certificate, have the opportunity to reverse transfer their subsequent college credit back to RCC for possible degree completion. Upon successful completion of at least 90 overall college-level credits, eligible students can submit official transcripts to RCC for review toward possible award of an associate's degree or certificate.

What is the benefit for me?

Students who earn a certificate or associate degree on the way to earning a bachelor's degree create a faster and more efficient track to baccalaureate achievement.

Earning the degree or certificate provides an additional credential that makes you more competitive when applying for jobs and scholarships.

You've worked hard; if you've earned a degree or certificate from RCC, you deserve to have it.

Studies show that students who are awarded a reverse transfer associate's degree are more likely to stay in school and finish the four-year bachelor's degree.

How do I participate?

Students who have completed 24 college-level credits at RCC and at least 90 overall college level credits with a grade of C or higher, should request that their Official transcript be sent to:

Rogue Community College
Enrollment Services
3345 Redwood Hwy.
Grants Pass, OR 97527

Once your official transcripts have been received they will be evaluated. If a student has completed a degree or certificate the award will be notated on their RCC transcript and their diploma will be ordered. Students should verify that RCC has their correct email and mailing address on file by logging into their myRogue account.

Will earning a degree at Rogue Community College affect financial aid at my current university or my standing there?

No, earning a two-year degree or certificate will not impact your aid eligibility at your university or affect your progress toward earning a bachelor's degree.

What if I've transferred to a different community college?

If you have transferred to another community college after earning a minimum of 24 college-level credits at Rogue Community College, send your transcripts to RCC at the above address.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Enrollment Services
Phone: 541-956-7427
Email: [email protected]