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Access to Capital

Access to Capital

We bridge the gap between small businesses that are seeking access to capital and lenders who are looking for qualified borrowers. The Oregon SBDC Network’s Capital Access Team (CAT) has regional advisors across the state that provide expert guidance to client businesses on how to get a small business loan. The CAT advising team assists business owners statewide via confidential face-to-face meetings and distance advising.

CAT advisors often help clients in the following ways:

  • Assist clients to refine their business plan to be suitable for lenders
  • Provide financial analysis and feedback
  • Review client loan packages for small business loans
  • Discuss and review a client’s financial strategies
  • Assist clients with lender relations

In addition, all of our RCC SBDC advisors can assist clients in obtaining business loans or investments for their new or existing business. Our approach is to evaluate all aspects of a client's financial information and needs including:

  • Client / Business Equity - Collateral Resources (e.g. equipment, real estate, savings, cash etc.)
  • Client / Business Tax Returns
  • Credit ratings
  • Current Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheet
  • Business Plans and Planned Use of Funds

Our business advisors then analyze and weigh this information to identify suitable sources of funding such as:

  • Conventional Banks - Providing loans to credit worthy and "bankable" business clients
  • SBA Loans - Guaranteed loan program - partnered with conventional banks
  • Illinois Valley Community Development Organization - Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) - source of funding for micro-enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures
  • Business Oregon Loan programs - variety of loan programs to support new or existing businesses
  • SOREDI Loan program - Funding to support business growth companies in Southern Oregon
  • Angel or Private investor funding....etc.

Specialized Services for Traded Sector Businesses

The Oregon SBDC Network's Capital Access Team (CAT) is led by highly qualified SBDC advisors who engage clients via face-to-face and distance counseling (Skype, telephone, videoconferencing and email). The CAT also coordinates "R U Bankable" events in select communities to provide forums for learning about access to capital and acquiring small business loans.

The CAT works with clients that are referred to them by local SBDC Centers and lead Advisors. In order to be ready for a referral to the CAT, clients must pre-qualify by meeting certain basic requirements, including acceptable credit history, business plan, adequate collateral, and positive cash flow. All advising is confidential, and each case will be managed collaboratively with the client's local Advisor.

Cat Process Overview