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Current Student Survey

Student input about RCC services provides the college with vital information as we develop our 2008-2012 strategic plan. Please complete the survey no later than October 5th. Thank you very much!

Your Primary Campus Location:

Please tell us how you would rate RCC in the following categories:
(1-least favorable to 5-most favorable response)
  1. Ease of enrolling:

  2. Availability of classes:

  3. Quality of instruction:

  4. Affordability of tuition:

  5. Availability of financial assistance:

  6. Caring, friendly environment:

  7. Availability of courses and programs that will enable you to get your desired job

  8. Quality of tutoring services:

  9. Quality of advising services:

  10. Quality of counseling services:

  11. Appearance of the campus:

  12. Quality of facilities and classrooms:

  13. Availability of distance learning classes:

  14. Extra Curricular Activities

  15. Professionalism of staff:

  16. What other criteria do you use to judge RCC by and how well is RCC serving your needs?

  17. Do you think that you are getting your money’s worth at RCC?

  18. If “no”, why not?

  19. If you could change or improve one important thing at RCC what would it be and why?

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