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Math Marvels

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Where Students Become Heroes and Conquer Math!

Does the thought of taking math classes make you nervous? Fear not, for we are here to help! Should you choose to join our team, you will gain the guidance and tutorship needed to leap through remedial math and complete college-level math.

Program Criteria

Do you need to complete one or more of the following math courses: MTH20, MTH60, or MTH243R (Corequisite Support Course).

Do you meet one or more of the following criteria?

  • First Generation College Student - The parent or guardian with whom the student was raised has not completed a four-year college degree (Bachelor's degree)
  • Low-income ((e.g., recipient of one or more of the following: Pell Grant, SNAP, TANF, WIC, Free & Reduced Lunch)?
  • Non-traditional student (e.g., over age 25, single parent, criminal history)
  • Student of color
  • Minority student
  • Undocumented or DACA student    
  • LGBTQ++
  • Under age 18
  • Emancipated minor
  • GED / ABS student
  • Student with disabilities to include mental health barriers

Program Requirements

Participants must complete the following requirements during each term in order to remain program eligible to earn our scholarships.

  • Enroll in math course (MTH60 or MTH243)
  • Enroll in our MTH60 Non-Credit Support Lab or MTH243 Corequisite Support Course (Passcode required for registration)
  • Commit to regular attendance in both math course and support lab
  • Enroll at least half-time (6 credits or more)
  • Meet with the Program Advisor once each term

Application to Apply

What we offer

Personalized Advising

The Program Advisor provides individualized guidance to program participants that ensures timely progress towards educational goals and math academic advising.

Classroom Support

Enroll in the co-requisite labs to get additional math support. Access to individual and group tutoring to assist with coursework completion and test prep.

Math Peer Coaches

Coaches provide tutoring to program participants during lab and outside of lab as needed.


A variety of workshops are offered throughout the year geared towards helping participants connect with resources, reduce stress and anxiety, develop rapport with peers, and prepare for future careers.

Textbook Scholarship

Eligible program participants will receive $200 for textbook and college supplies each term.

Math Course Completion Scholarship

Eligible program participants will receive the cost of 4 credits upon successful completion of their math course, one award per student (MTH60 or MTH243R).

LEAP Option for MTH20 Students

Students placed into MTH20 have the opportunity to leap ahead by enrolling in our MTH60 Support Lab and a MTH60 course. Regular attendance is required to successfully complete our program.

MTH243 with Corequisite Support Class

Program participants enrolled in a MTH243 Course with MTH243 Corequisite Support Class will have access to the Program Advisor, Peer Coaches, and Workshops. Participants will also be eligible to receive the Textbook and Supplies Scholarship and the Math Completion Scholarship upon successful completion of program requirements.

Spring Term Course Offerings

MATH 60 Support Lab
Monday & Wednesday
12:00 p.m. - 12:50 p.m. via Zoom
Instructor: Kathy Foster

MATH 60 Support Lab
Tuesday & Thursday
4:00 p.m. - 4:50 a.m. via Zoom
Instructor: Kathy Foster