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RCC Student Affairs

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Redwood Campus (RWC)
Welcome Center
3345 Redwood Hwy.
Grants Pass, OR 97544

Table Rock Campus (TRC)
Welcome Center
7800 Pacific Ave.
White City, OR 97503

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RCC Bookstore

New students will be able to access the bookstore 24 hours after they register for classes.

Students gain access to the Online Bookstore using the same username and password as their RCC student email accounts and RCC Blackboard account.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Log In button
  3. Your username is your RCC student email: Enter your RCC student email address (e.g.,
  4. Click Next
  5. Enter your password. If you have never logged into the Online RCC Bookstore, Blackboard or your RCC student email account, then your default password will be the number 0 plus your 7-digit college ID. For example if your RCC college ID is 100-0805, then your default email password will be: 01000805 
  6. Click Sign in
  7. If asked to Stay Signed In? choose either Yes or No—doesn’t matter which
  8. You should now be signed in to the bookstore

Don’t know your student email address?

Login to your  to find your RCC student email address 
Once you are logged into your myRogue account your RCC email will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

If you have trouble signing in, find your issue below and follow the steps to fix it.

Wrong Username/Password

  1. Ensure CAPS Lock is off on your keyboard
  2. Be sure to enter the correct credentials
       • For example, be sure to sign in with your address (not your personal email)
       • Also don’t forget the zero at the beginning of your default password

“Sign On Error!” Message

  1. Delete your browser cache, restart your browser, and try logging in again.
  2. If step 1 doesn’t fix the issue, your account may not exist yet. Contact, describing your problem in detail.

You do not need to search for your courses – they are preselected – just scroll to the bottom and click continue. To see the required materials for your courses, click continue again to view materials and add selections to the cart.

Bookstore Tips

Search for Books
Once you log in, you will not need to search for books for courses you are already registered in. You can use the search field to look for courses materials in courses you have not yet registered for.

How to Pay
Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted.

All registered students will have a $500 spending limit credit on their bookstore account. The spending limit shown allows you to pay for your books later, it is not a grant. The amount charged will be posted to your RCC student account, will need to be repaid and will be subject to late payment fees and non-payment collections. The balance due can be included in the installment payment plan. Financial Aid, loans, and/or agency vouchers posted to your student account will automatically apply to these charges.

Are eBooks or rentals still available?
Yes! eBooks and rentals are available for some items. Students are encouraged to look for these less expensive options when selecting their texts.

Please select a campus to ship to or enter your home address to have it shipped directly to you. Orders shipped to campus will be delivered to the library for pick-up by the student. Please track the order through the bookstore website and allow 24 hours, prior to pick-up, after the order is delivered to campus.

Buyback is available through the Online Bookstore. Buybacks are based on anticipated future national demand for a book and current stock level. To check if your book is eligible for Buyback, click the Buybacks button on the Online Bookstore and enter the ISBN. If the book is not currently eligible for Buyback, we recommend you try again at another time.

All returns, including rental returns, need to be done through the online bookstore.

For return of items purchased from the new site, please visit the Return Policy page.

Other Questions
For other questions, please see the FAQ page on the bookstore site.


Contact Us

Redwood Campus (RWC)
Welcome Center
3345 Redwood Hwy.
Grants Pass, OR 97544

Table Rock Campus (TRC)
Welcome Center
7800 Pacific Ave.
White City, OR 97503

RCC Events Calendar