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Employee Management for Business Owners

Human Resource Essentials: Top Ten Requirements for Managing People

Instructor: Karen Ramorino

It can be a daunting task to navigate all of the regulatory requirements that pertain to your business when managing people. This class will focus on the top ten regulatory requirements that small businesses need to manage correctly and consistently in order to minimize risk for costly penalties, investigations, and claims. The top ten are in these three areas:

  • Federal and Oregon regulatory requirements
  • Employee rights
  • Protections for employees

In class, you will also conduct a compliance audit to identify where your business may need to tighten operations, policies, and processes to ensure regulatory compliance for managing employees and where clarity may be needed to ensure employees understand expectations and their rights.

This class is relevant to small businesses that have one or more employees and is designed for owners and managers who want an overview and tips on some of the most important regulatory requirements and essentials for managing people in a small business.

This class is two hours and is a classroom format that will include presentation and group discussion. Participants will receive the slides from the presentation, which will include a list of resources to help stay on top of changing requirements for managing employees.

Day Dates Time Place
Wednesday February 28 3 - 5:00 p.m. RWC-B

Leadership Skills for Managers: Essentials for Hiring and Engaging the Talent Needed for your Small Business

Instructor: Karen Ramorino

Even the best of business plans will struggle to succeed if you cannot hire, engage, and retain the people needed to do the work. This class explores strategies and best practices in essential areas for attracting and engaging employees throughout the lifecycle of their tenure with your business:

  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Outreach, recruiting, and onboarding
  • Ongoing performance management and employee development
  • Managing change
  • Executing on the disciplinary process to termination, when needed

This class is designed for small business owners, managers, and supervisors who are responsible for multiple employees and who are looking for different strategies to consider for more effective workforce development and management. It will also be useful for those businesses that are planning to grow their workforce in the near future.

This two-hour class is an in-person classroom format that will include group discussions and opportunities to focus on the work environment of your specific business or team and employee needs and challenges. Participants will receive materials during the course, which will include resources, templates, and tools.

Day Dates Time Place
Wednesday March 13 3 - 5:00 p.m. RWC-B

HR Essentials for Managing People: Requirements to Effectively Manage your Employees and Avoid Business Costs for Non-Compliance

Instructor: Karen Ramorino

Do you have questions about how to more effectively attract and retain employees, so you can achieve your business objectives?  Do you worry that your policies and processes for hiring and managing employees may not be up-to-date and compliant with regulatory requirements?  In this class, you will go through an HR Health Checklist to assess the current state of how your business hires and manages its workers.  You will identify effective approaches to avoid costly: 1) delays in attracting qualified candidates, 2) turnover of employees, and 3) fines for non-compliance.  

This two-hour class will be particularly useful for owners and managers who have plans that require the expansion of their workforce in the near future and/or who are spending way too much time dealing with employee issues.

Day Dates Time Place
Monday April 22 3 - 5:00 p.m. RWC-B

Human Resource Essentials: What you Need to Do to Hire your First Employees

Instructor: Karen Ramorino

Is your business getting to the point that you cannot do all the work by yourself?  Are you planning to hire your first employee/s in the near future? Are you wondering whether you should hire employees or independent contractors? In this two-hour class, you will review the steps that your business needs to take to be an employer in the state of Oregon. You will consider the criteria and what you need to set up for an effective and compliant operation before hiring your first employees and/or independent contractors.  

This class will be particularly useful for new owners and partners who anticipate a need or want to explore what it takes to hire and manage employees.

Day Dates Time Place
Tuesday May 14 3 - 5:00 p.m. RWC-B

The cost for these classes is $90.

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NOTE: These courses qualifies for 2 credit hours in CCB Residential Continuing Education and LCB Continuing Education credit. RCC Small Business Development Center is responsible for the content of this course. Please advise the SBDC 541-956-7494 you are seeking continuing education credits so we can give you the proper documentation. This course can also be used to satisfy continuing education credits for massage therapy.