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Financial Aid

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Financial Aid FAQs

Hopefully you'll find answers to many of your questions on these pages. The Department of Education also offers a lot of useful information at https://studentaid.gov/, much of which is applicable at RCC.

If you still have questions, contact your assigned Financial Aid Advisor per your pathway. If you are not a student yet and don’t have a Financial Aid Advisor, you can email [email protected] or call 541-956-7501 for assistance.

Questions about the Application Process:

Questions about Getting Your Money:

Questions about Loans:

Questions about Withdrawal and Aid:

When should I apply for financial aid?
You must apply for financial aid every year. The best time to apply is as soon as possible after October 1 prior to the school year for which you are applying for financial aid. If you apply early, you may be eligible for SEOG Grants and/or Oregon Opportunity Grants if you have a high enough need level.
How do I apply for financial aid?
You can apply for financial aid (FAFSA) on the Internet at https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa or ORSAA at https://oregonstudentaid.gov/fafsa-orsaa.aspx.
I don't live with my parents, they don't claim me on their tax returns, and they don't give me any financial support. Do I have to put down their information on my application?
If you cannot answer YES to any question in the "Step 3" section on the FAFSA, you MUST include parent information. Parent information is used because the U.S. Congress has said that families have the primary responsibility for funding college education. If, however, you feel that you have special family circumstances, you should contact Rogue Central Services for Students before completing the FAFSA.
My stepparent is not willing to support me. Do I have to list his/her income under the parent section too?
Yes, if your "supporting" parent has remarried, his/her spouse's information must be included on the FAFSA.
My parents are divorced/separated, and I do not live with either parent. Whose income should I use?
The parent who supported you last is the person you should use. If that parent is remarried, you must also include the step-parent's income information.
I live with my grandparents/other relatives/guardians who support me. Should I put their income information on my aid application instead of my parents'?
No, you must put down your parents' information under the parent section. If, however, unusual circumstances exist, consult Rogue Central Services for Students before applying.
When they ask for my household size, who should I include?
Include yourself. If you are married, include your spouse. (If you are divorced, separated, or widowed, DON'T include spouse information). List the people for whom you (and your spouse if you are married) will provide at least half their support and who LIVE with you (children who are college students and would be considered "dependent" on the FAFSA should also be included). If you were required to include your (step)parent(s)' information, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT LIVE WITH THEM, include your (step)parents(s) and their dependents.
You're asking for verification of my selective service registration. I never got anything. What should I do?
You must contact Selective Service at 1-847-688-6888 or www.sss.gov to request a copy of your registration card. If it is determined that you have not registered, you must do so if you are still between the ages of 18 and 25 and bring us a copy of your registration card when you receive it. If you are not registered and over 26 years of age, you will need to request a letter from Selective Service showing your status and turn it in to us.
RCC already has my financial aid application record, but I need to make some changes to my application. How should I make the changes?
You can correct your FAFSA online using your FSA ID number.
(Retrieve your FSA ID here)
I did not list RCC on my FAFSA when I first applied. What should I do?
Go to the FAFSA log in page and click “Log In” to add a school. RCC’s school ID for the FAFSA is 010071.
Can I still get aid if I filed late in the year?
Yes! Even if you missed the timelines for priority consideration, your application will still be considered for aid programs with available funding, usually Pell Grants, Federal Work Study and Stafford Loans as long as the federal processor receives your application by the deadline listed on the FAFSA and we receive a record of that application while you are still enrolled.
When will I get my Award Letter / Eligibility Notification?
In general, it may take up to 3 months depending on file completeness and time of year when you apply. Please keep in mind that this timeline may be lengthened, depending on the time of year and your individual situation.
How much aid will I get?
The information you provide on your FAFSA, as well as the other information you submit to our office, will allow us to determine what type of need level you have and, thus, what type of aid we can offer you. Funding availability, federal regulations, and "cost of education" will also be considered.
How much money can I earn and still be eligible for financial aid?
Your financial aid award will be based on a wide variety of factors. Therefore, it is extremely difficult, and usually impossible, to give an answer to this question without first going through the entire application and review process. However, if you would like to see an estimate of whether or not you might receive a Pell Grant based on a particular set of circumstances, try the Financial Aid Estimation Form. Keep in mind, though, the Pell Grant is not the only form of financial aid. Even if it appears that you are not eligible for this grant, you may be eligible for other types of aid.
When and how do I get the money?
PAYMENT TO STUDENTS. Your award level will be adjusted to match your aid-eligible enrollment level through the drop period or prior to payment, whichever is later. Tuition, fees, and other authorized non-institutional charges (ie Bookstore charges) are deducted from your financial aid award and then the amount that is left over ("refund") is paid to you.
Can I use my aid to pay for other expenses?
Yes. If you receive a refund AFTER your tuition and other bills are paid at RCC, you may use your refund money to pay for other education-related expenses such as rent, groceries, transportation, child care, and other miscellaneous expenses. As student loans are also financial aid, you must first complete the financial aid application and review process before it can be determined if you are eligible for a student loan. If you are, the type of loan(s) you are eligible for will be indicated on the Award Letter or Eligibility Notification we send you.
How do I apply for a student loan?
Visit the Applying for a Loan page on the website and follow the directions.
What if I originally was not interested in a student loan when I filled out my FAFSA, but now I am?
If you have already received an Award Letter or Eligibility Notification, you may apply for a student loan.
I have a previous loan but am back in school. How can I defer my loan so that I don't have to make payments while I'm in school?
Most Loan Servicers automatically receive notification that you are enrolled through the National Student Loan Clearinghouse. However, you may also need to request deferment papers from your Loan Servicer and send them to the RCC Admissions and Records Office to verify your enrollment.
What if I have defaulted on a student loan?
We cannot offer you financial aid if you are in default on a student loan. You must provide us with documentation that the default has been cleared or put into satisfactory repayment before we can consider you for aid eligibility. You should contact your Loan Servicer for more information.
What if I have to withdraw from ALL of my classes, and I already received my financial aid?
You will be subject to the Policy on Return of Title IV Aid and may have to repay part of your aid. If this happens, Financial Aid determines your last date of attendance and applies the regulations accordingly. 
If a total withdraw results in Aid Suspension for future terms and if there were extenuating circumstances that led to that Aid Suspension, you are encouraged to submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal* so Financial Aid can review it for possible reinstatement of aid.
What do I do if I am not done with my classes at RCC before my financial aid Maximum Credit Allowance Limit is reached?
You may go to the Financial Aid Forms page and review the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. After reviewing this policy, you may wish to pursue an Appeal.