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We now handle Financial Aid and Academic Advising by program major. Each of our programs are grouped under a "Meta Major" following a Guided Pathway model. More information on Meta Majors can be found at RCC's Guided Pathways page.

Click here to contact an Academic and Career Coach.

Click the link if you do not have a declared major or pathway.

stem pathway icon
STEM (General Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, etc.) Pathway

John Kieffer
[email protected] | 541-956-7376

Applied Technology icon
Applied Technology (Automotive, Diesel, Electronics, Welding, etc.) Pathway

Tanya Salas-Gonzalez
[email protected] | 541-956-7183

health professions and public safety icon
Health Professions, Public Safety (Nursing, Emergency Services, Criminal Justice, Allied Health, etc.) Pathway

Nursing & Practical Nursing:
Bernyne Wright

[email protected] | 541-956-7049

All other Health Professions/Public Safety Programs:
Amber Crews
[email protected] | 541-956-7018

business pathway icon
Business (Accounting, Marketing, Management, etc.) Pathway

John Kieffer
[email protected] | 541-956-7376

Social and Behavioral Science and Education pathway icon
Social & Behavioral Science, Education (Teachers, Counselors, Early Childhood, etc.) Pathway

Lyndsay Tarrant
[email protected] | 541-956-7396

Arts, Humanities and Communications Pathway icon
Arts, Humanities, Communication (Art, Design, Digital Media, Humanities, etc.) Pathway

Rose Passione
[email protected] | 541-956-7141

Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) and Associate of General Studies (AGS) majors without a focus/pathway or Undeclared Major

Your Financial Aid Advisor is based on the first letter of your last name:

Tanya Salas-Gonzalez

[email protected]
Lyndsay Tarrant

[email protected]
Bernyne Wright

[email protected] 541-956-7049
Amber Crews

[email protected]