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Entrepreneurial Funds Request

Entrepreneurial Microgrant Opportunities

Applications open on October 2, 2023 and close on October 31, 2023.


Entrepreneurial Microgrants are available to all full-time employees. These grants are designed to empower and catalyze innovative projects with the dual goals of bolstering enrollment stability and cultivating compelling proof of concepts aligned with President Weber's 2023 annual challenge. We highly encourage collaboration among staff members and departments. Part-time employees and students are welcome to participate in projects, provided they have a full-time employee as their project lead.

Each applicant, whether individual or part of a team, will be expected to deliver a 15-minute presentation, inclusive of Q&A, to the grant review committee for each application. The review committee will meet during the month of October. Notification of awards will be disseminated in November, with funds becoming accessible in early December. All projects must be at a “shovel-ready” stage and finalized by June 30, 2024.

Successful Proposals

Proposals should demonstrate how they contribute to RCC's fiscal year challenge to stabilize enrollment, while upholding the college's core mission and values.
Priority consideration will be given to proposals supporting the following priorities as presented at Fall Kickoff;

  1. Increase student engagement strategies (i.e. clubs, student activities, utilizing existing resources)
  2. Early alert strategies – Saving our Students (SOS)
  3. Incentivizing early registration
  4. Learning students' names
  5. Supporting course completion over "w" (for the masses, we know there may be exceptions for whom this is not the right strategy).
  6. Deploy efforts to increase success of students new to RCC
  7. Leveraging data to make informed decisions
  8. What should completion efforts look like at RCC?

Funding Availability

Total Program Funding: $100,000
Award Range: Up to $10,000
# of Awards: 5-10 awards
Deadline: Tuesday, October 31, 2023

2022/23 Award Listing

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