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Internet Services

About Us

The Internet Services department is responsible for managing much of the content on RCC's web sites.

Responsibilities include:

  • Designing the look and feel of the RCC web sites
  • Creating and editing web copy and images
  • Managing site navigation by creating templates, indexes, links, aliases and redirects
  • Providing tools, policies and training for departments to manage their own web presence
  • Creating dynamic content such as web forms, surveys, signups, orientations and data-driven applications
  • Website redesigns through the use of surveys, personas, content restructuring and usability testing
  • Website advertising requests coordinated with marketing

Ask a Question / Contact the Webmaster at [email protected], OR Create a work order

RCC Website

As with print, electronically published information plays an important role in maintaining the college’s reputation and image. These standards help ensure the RCC website is visually appealing, well written and conforms to the college’s graphic identity and style guide. Web resources should be used efficiently, ethically and legally.

In an effort to secure, maintain, reorganize, and bring up to date the RCC public websites, we will be transitioning from multiple websites using various servers and technologies back to a single website solution. This will enable us to better secure and backup the RCC public website while also allowing us to clean up old content and bring it up to date. Due to the heightened security being added, the website will only be editable by the RCC Web Team.

Marketing will help you with managing your web content, navigation, internal search features (see Funnelback) and search engine optimization for your department or program’s web pages on the RCC website.

When preparing your content to be posted on the website, please adhere to these standards that help increase our accessibility, which provides the best web experience and delivery of crucial information to all website visitors (see RCC’s Online Learning Accessibility policy for more info). The pages will all be in the same templated look that is maintained and continually improved by the web team. Here are some points to keep in mind while developing your content:

  1. If you are editing existing web content, please copy and paste the web page into a word document and track changes. Include the URL (web address) the changes need to be applied to.
  2. Be succinct. Write no more than 50 percent of the text you would have used in a hardcopy publication.
  3. Write for scannability - the ease with which a particular body of text can be read and understood by the target reader. Do not require users to read long continuous blocks of text.
  4. Content needs to be updated and maintained on a regular basis. Review and retire content that is no longer applicable.
  5. Use meaningful headings (i.e., reading a heading should tell the user what the page or section is about).
  6. Use highlighting and emphasis sparingly to make important words catch the user’s eye. Italics should be used for emphasis only and not used in headlines. Underlined content is reserved for hyperlinks only.
  7. Evaluate your PDF files. If the information can be presented as an html page instead of a PDF, that is best practice.
  8. If you are providing a PDF to include, please scrub it for accessibility through Adobe Acrobat, or submit a work order request to get the PDF up to accessibility standards.
  9. Written permission must be obtained for use of copyrighted materials with the clear understanding on the part of the copyright holder that these materials will be used on the Web rather than in a printed publication. This applies to the use of text, logos, photographs, drawings, video clips, sound clips or other copyrighted visual images.
  10. Banner images will be provided for each department webpage through coordination with web services and Marketing. To request a banner image, submit a Marketing Work Order.

Once your web content is in order, please request updates to your pages by creating a Marketing Work Order. You can attach word documents, images, PDFs to the work order that accompanies your web content.

RCC’s Internal Search Feature: Funnelback

The Marketing team can help users find your content on our website through our search feature powered by Funnelback. If you type search terms into the field and aren’t getting the results you want, please submit a Marketing Work Order with the search terms and the URL (web address) you want the terms to point to, and we can take care of that for you.

Short URLs

If your web address is very long (e.g.: we can shorten that to a more friendly URL (especially for print projects such as a rack card or brochure) such as In some instances, a short URL may be created for you already. Contact Marketing to find out what your short URL is.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Not finding your programs or department in a general search engine search (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), Marketing can help! Please submit a work order and include a brief description of your site along with relevant keywords you think will drive users to your pages, and we will optimize the web content to show in the results.