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The college logotype employs one font: The initials RCC and the words “Rogue Community College” are created in the font or typeface Adobe Garamond Pro.

This typeface and letter spaces specific to the college logo have been further adjusted to create a unique look that cannot be recreated by simply typing those words in the specified font.

Do not try to recreate the logotype on your own computer. Instead, use the official, approved versions.

typography examples

In printed materials, Avenir is the approved headline type. A classic sans serif that possesses some embellishment, it can be used on flyers, brochures, ads and other publications to grab attention.

If Avenir is not available, Century Gothic is an acceptable substitute.

Garamond is the acceptable body text used in published official college communication pieces. Garamond is a serif type and therefore easier to read than san serif fonts. In most cases, avoid using type smaller than 8 pt. with 12 pt. leading.

For correspondence, Garamond regular (not bold) should be used. Single line spacing with 12 pt. type is optimum.

If Garamond is unavailable, Times New Roman is an acceptable substitute.