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How to Request News Coverage

For Rogue Community College staff to get news or success story out to the public through the media

Request a Press Release via the Marketing Request Form and include following information:

  1. Date, time and place of the event: Specify which campus, building and room as well as weekday, month, date, and hours.
  2. Story information: Be concise. State who, what, when, why, where and how, if relevant, in order of importance to your intended audience.
  3. Suggested headline. State what’s first, best, most, only, or new.
  4. Contact name, for more information, phone number, email and/or website. The media and public will use this information to ask questions.

After completing the form, marketing will generate a press release and distribute your news to print and broadcast media throughout the Rogue Valley. Then you may call media and ask if they’re interested or need more information. Never insist on coverage; it's their option to use the PSA or not.

Tips: See news release examples. Try not to exceed 1-page. Double-check grammar, spelling (especially people’s names and contact info) and punctuation.

Request a Public Calendar entry

You can submit an event to be published on the RCC Public Calendar.

  1. On the left side navigation of the Calendar webpage, click on “Submit an Event.” A News and Events Submission Form will appear.
  2. Complete the online form and submit. Marketing will review and possibly edit your submission and post it to the calendar.
  3. Respond to email to review the post or answer questions.

If your event has a physical location, you can request your event to be published through 25Live. For more, review the Submit an Event to the Calendar document.

Questions? [email protected]