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Promotional Items

From shirts to pens and from coffee mugs to backpacks, the RCC identity is strengthened when used in a consistent manner across a wide variety of materials.

Official merchandise and promotional items representing the college should clearly identify the institution through use of the college name or an official logotype. The guidelines outlined in this manual apply to all promotional items and official merchandise.

Individual programs/departments may order their own promotional items.

Purchase orders are required and all orders must be preapproved by a dean or department head.
For assistance, contact Marketing at or fill out the work order form.

tshirt with branded RCC logo
keychain with branded RCC logo
mug with branded RCC logo


trees and river imagery with the words Find your Path
Ossie character playing soccer
Ossie character in a health care sheild
Ossie Character in front of a tire with a wrench
Rainbow heart with the words Rogue Love
RCC Penant with Osprey Logo
Ossie Character with collegiate ROGUE lettering
Ossie I am Rogue with orange background
Ossie I am Rogue with yellow lettering
Latino Services at RCC
RCC Athletics Soccer Shield
RCC Athletics Volleyball Shield
Ossie I am Rogue with yellow lettering
Ossie I am Rogue with neon lettering

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