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How to Submit a Marketing Request

The marketing request system is accessed once the RCC employee logs into their office 365 online account. Then open this link for the Marketing Request Form. The Marketing SharePoint is the home of the Marketing Request Form where you enter any requests being made to the marketing team.

This form has several roles in the organization.

  • It creates a documented request with all of the pertinent data in one location. 
  • It provides visibility to other personnel regarding requests being submitted.  Thus we can add to existing items instead of creating duplicates of existing entries. 
  • It provides a history of requests for reference and a location for updates as the change is worked and implemented.

When should a request be entered?  Anytime you wish for the marketing team to take action or provide information or products to you.  It is not necessary to enter a request for a simple question.  If you are unsure and require guidance on this, feel free to contact the marketing personnel with your question and they will inform you if your request needs to be submitted via the Marketing Request Form.

Following is the process to enter a request and how to fill out each field.

How does the marketing team know who is making the request? Because you must be logged into Office 365 in order to complete the request form, your email and name will automatically be included in the request when you submit it.

Status. This field is critical to the processing of your request.  DO NOT CHANGE THE VALUE when you submit a request.  And you will see the value change as the request is processed.  Following are the valid status values.

Created (not ready to submit). This is the default value.  You can leave this as the value until you have collected all of the information needed for the request.  No action will be taken on the request while in this status.

Ready for Marketing Director Review. When you have filled out the form as accurately and completely as possible and you are ready to submit your request,  set the status to this value.  Your request will then be assessed by the marketing director, who will determine if resources are available and to whom to assign the request.  If resources not available, the marketing director will change the status to  "Resources not currently available," and your request will go on hold until resources do become available.  If resources are available, the marketing director set the status to "Assigned for resolution."

Assigned for production. This status indicates your request is in progress. You may have several communications from the staff person performing the work.

Our for Proof. The project production is complete and now it has been sent to the client for review, proofing, and changes.

At Printers. For jobs that require professional printing, the project is set to this status until printing is finished and the printed product is delivered.

Done!. This status indicates the request is completed and closed.  If at this point you feel the results were not satisfactory you should open a new request.

Resources not currently available. While in this state a request is not being worked but is still in queue to be worked when resources are available.  You may change the values that determine the ranking, need by date, or any others during this time.  If you feel these changes are sufficient you may reset the value to ‘Submitted for Approval’ and start the process over. This may result in reassignment of resources based on the changed values. Otherwise this item will be reviewed on a regularly to determine if resources have become available.

Rejected. At any time during the process a request may be rejected.  If this occurs the individual rejecting the request is expected to enter details of the rejection in the "Activity Detail/Resolution" field.   A request in a rejected status will not be reviewed further.  Contact the marketing director if you feel a request in this state should be reviewed.

Canceled. Once a request is created we ask you do not delete it.  Should you decide the change is no longer required please change the status to ‘Cancelled’.

Description. This should be a brief description of the issue.  The guideline is make this description so it could be used as the subject in an email about the issue.

Detail Description. This is the detail of your request and any additional data you may want to include. It is important to include the goals and objectives you wish to accomplish and the audience you are trying to reach with your request. You may also insert images in the detail field.  Please be sure to include as much detail as possible to avoid unnecessary delay in completing the requested work.  Note: you may attach files to the request if you prefer, the "Attach File" button can be found at the top of the page.

Request for. This is a check box list of options for your request.  If none of the entries is sufficient you may specify your own value.

Department. This is the department(s) or division(s) impacted by the request being submitted. This is very important as the marketing team may need to contact the head of the department (if different from the person making the request) to confirm the need for the request.

User Contact Information. In some cases the request is not created by the individual making the request.  If that is the situation for this request, enter contact information here.  Include the name, phone number, and email address.  As well as any additional data like best times to contact, etc.
Please note: The following values, impact and requested completion date,  will be reviewed and you may be challenged to provide reasons for the values selected if they do not appear valid for the request as submitted.

Impact.  This is the impact you are experiencing and may have the following values:

  • Critical: needed to achieve dept. strategic marketing goals.
  • High: a specific, timely event or project.
  • Significant: a marketing function or materials for ongoing needs.
  • Medium:  an enhancement of existing marketing efforts.
  • Low: not part of an existing plan but would like to get done.

Requested Completion Date. This is the date the request needs to be completed by to address the issue.  Please note: this is not a WANT by date it is a NEED by date. 
 The following are descriptions of additional entries you may see when you open a request in view or edit modes.

Evaluation of request. This field reflects the effort necessary to accomplish the request.  Currently it is rated on a scale of 1-5, however this may be refined in future versions of the product.

Assigned Personnel 1. This will contain the primary marketing personnel who is responsible for action on this item.  Note if this field is empty the item is not active.  Also this field is used to notify of assignment.

Assigned Personnel 2. In some circumstances it may require additional staff be assigned to a request.  This field allows for additional assignment and notification.

Activity Detail/Resolution. This is the location the marketing personnel will enter any notes related to actions taken on this item.

Contact marketing if you need further details or instructions.