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Logos and Graphics

The official logotype

The official family of Rogue Community College logos have been carefully designed to represent the institution.

The official logotype consists of the letters RCC, the river and trees artwork, and the words “Rogue Community College.” The official logo, depicted in two variations, is the only logo that represents the college. The name as depicted is part of the logotype and must not be altered. Nor should the logotype artwork (river and trees) be separated from the college name.

To emphasize the importance of the RCC website, it is appropriate to include the college’s web address, in Avenir regular, immediately below the logotype.

RCC logo
RCC logo
RCC logo
RCC logo

The logos are available for download on the Marketing Sharepoint Site.

Please "right-click" on the file you need to "download" the file to your local files. Go to your computer browser window. Right-click on the file name and uncheck "read only" to access editing to the file.

The horizontal version is the college’s principal logotype as it highlights RCC, provides the river logomark and includes the full name of the college. Use for most publications.

The vertical version can be used when space requirements call for a more vertical stacked version. Note that the logo mark is above the RCC and college name.

The official sealthe RCC official seal

The seal is limited to diplomas and other commencement items as well as employee service awards and other certificates issued by departments and divisions of the college.

Because special permission is required for its use, it is not available online.

Questions about the use of the RCC seal should be directed to Marketing & Communications.

Using the logo

RCC logos are clear identifiers, not mere artwork to be manipulated or tweaked to fit a particular application or document.

The colors, sizes, proportions and overall design used to create each logotype have been carefully selected for aesthetic and practical purposes. Each logotype has been created for a wide variety of applications. Do not try to re-create the logotype; it should originate from one of the approved graphics available in various formats for Mac, PC and the web.

Unauthorized icons or words should never be used in conjunction with the logotypes.

Use the logo artwork as is.

  • Do not overprint the logo onto text.
  • Do not use unapproved colors.
  • Do not use the mark (river and trees artwork) by itself.
  • Do not stretch or condense the logos.
  • Do not use the logos on an angle.

ways to never use the RCC logo

When using any approved version of the logotype, it is important that the area surrounding the logo remain free of clutter. The logo should not have to compete with other type or imagery. To ensure this, approved versions of the logotype must never appear closer than the height of the letter “m” as it is found in the word “Community” to the edge of the paper or to any other typography or artwork.

correct horizontal spacing of the RCC logo from other content of the page
correct vertical spacing of the RCC logo from other content of the page

When reproducing logotypes in print applications, the minimum acceptable sizes for each version of the logotype are seen here.

correct sizing of the RCC logo from other content of the page

To ensure quality and consistency, use only official digital versions of each logo. The only acceptable color combination are blue (PMS 293C) on white, white on black or white on the approved RCC color palette.

It is permissible to print the logotype entirely in one-color ink, preferably 100 percent black or 100 percent blue (PMS 293C or PMS300U). When using one color, the logo is to be printed as a solid color. Do not screen (print ink as a percentage of solid) any portion of the logo.

There may be occasions when a reverse-form logo is necessary. It is acceptable for the logo to reverse out of a 100 percent color bar in any of the approved primary or secondary palette colors. If an approved version of the logotype is to be used in reverse form against a dark or colored background, use the official artwork for reverse reproduction.

horizontal white RCC logo
stack white RCC logo

Encapsulated postscript (.eps) files and Portable Network Graphics (.png) of the RCC logo are available on the Marketing Sharepoint site. NOTE: To maintain the highest resolution, do not try to “open” a logo eps or png. Instead, “insert” or “place” it into your document.

The logotype must be used as specified in these guidelines. All versions of the logotype must be used “as is” and cannot be modified. Portions of any version of the logotype cannot be used separately.

Other files may be subject to these same rules and guidelines. For more information about the use of the digital files, the use of the logotype or to acquire camera-ready artwork, contact the Marketing & Communications Department.