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Collateral Materials

When creating collateral materials, Marketing uses Adobe InDesign, a professional design and layout tool for producing high-quality documents for print and on-screen delivery.

Full-bleed, full-color photography features students or students with RCC faculty or staff members as the dominant visual on all collateral materials. These include the RCC Schedule of Classes and Catalog covers, viewbooks and recruiting tools, the RCC website, student service and academic brochures, all print advertising, direct mail, etc.

A call to action is present but secondary to the student success story being featured. Testimonial copy is concise and to the point. Individuals photographed are accurately identified.

Language is concise and simple. Negative space is used to provide a clean, bright message. Minimal copy flows through the ad over the image leading the eye toward the call to action and the RCC logo sign-off.

The call to action, contact information and logo may be contained in a color bar at the bottom or side of the ad or flyer, providing an opportunity to use the RCC promotional palette.

Printed materials are on coated paper where possible to ensure ink holdout and to optimize photography. Black and white photography, duotone treatments and uncoated papers should be avoided.