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Marketing creates and schedules institutional ads for print media as well as radio and television ads, web ads, banners, and videos. We also can help you create ads for RCC programs and events. All display advertising will be created and placed by Marketing and must be approved in advance by a dean, associate dean or department head. To request an ad, contact the Marketing department at [email protected] or create a work order here.

Other than ads placed by Human Resources or Budget and Financial Services, the college requires that all advertising to be reviewed and approved by Marketing prior to publication. Approval is required for display ads in newspapers and other print publications and for advertising on radio, television, and other venues. Marketing evaluates​ advertising for accuracy, clarity, correct use of English, quality of design and photography, consistency with college graphic standards and college procedures, and compliance with federal laws. 

Did you want to submit an article or an idea for an article, please visit the Submit an Article or Idea page​.
If you would like publicity for your RCC program or event, see How to Request News Coverage.​

Print Advertising

The procedures below cover advertising for print. For radio or television advertising, consult with the marketing department.

These items are required in college ads:

Logo and Contact Information

  • Ads must contain contact information such as department name and phone number. A Web address can be used in addition to or instead of a phone number.
  • Recruitment ads must include an approved version of the college logo. The logo is usually placed at the bottom of ads and must be used without alteration or reduced beyond legibility.
  • Logos may be downloaded for your convenience.


  • Photos should be of good technical quality and show subjects and the college in a positive light.
  • Photos should be simple and uncluttered. Photos must be high resolution (at least 300 dpi).
  • A signed model release form must be obtained from students before their recognizable image or testimonial statement can be used to market the college. Click here for more information on Photo Release Forms.

Marketing has a library of professional-quality photos of RCC students who have signed model release forms. Contact Ryanne Mitchell at [email protected]​​.

Steps in Creating and Placing Print Advertising

  • Determine your audience (who do you want to reach?), when and where you want the ad published, and approximately how much money you have to spend.
  • Get approval for the ad from your department head or dean.
  • Create a Marketing Work Order and the team will get a price quote and schedule and an insertion day for your ad.
  • Do a draft of the ad text being as concise as possible, and submit it to Marketing.
  • When Marketing informs you about the cost of the ad, create a purchase order, and notify Marketing of the PO number. (This allows Marketing to “place” the ad. Most vendors will not accept advertising without a PO number.)
  • Marketing works with you to complete the design and layout for the ad, recommending and overseeing changes as necessary.
  • Marketing will request that you review and sign off on the job before it is submitted for publication then will submit the ad to the newspaper or other publication.