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Student Testimonials

Lindsey Gurr
“Thank you so much for granting me this scholarship. I do not even know how to adequately express my gratitude. Your generosity and support is appreciated and admirable. This scholarship allows me to continue my education and that is a gift like no other. In the future, I hope to show this same generosity to a community that has supported me through my education. Thank you!"
- Lindsey Gurr: Coeta & Donald R. Barker Endowed Scholarship Recipient, 2021/22

Evangelyn Tobin
“I cannot thank you enough for changing my life. This scholarship allows me to focus on my classes without the financial stress. This opportunity also allows me to take 12 credits instead of a few at a time. This makes it possible to complete my degree quicker.  I started RCC with one class since that's all I could afford and then was able to take more classes due to the scholarship I received from you. I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to be the first in my family to complete college. I am so thankful by your generosity and your willingness to provide an education for me. This will change my life forever. Thank you for making my dream a reality.”
- Evangelyn Tobin: Betty Gray Early Childhood Scholarship, 2021/22

Jocksana Corona Scholarship award winner and family
"This time last year, I was a part time student at Rogue Community College working two jobs to pay for my school tuition. Since being awarded the AAUW scholarship, I have been able to leave my evening job and enroll at RCC full time. The scholarship has also allowed me time to volunteer and do a practicum.

I began volunteering with Dunn House in August by and participating in the annual Medford KidSpree. As the only bilingual volunteer at this event, not only did I get to assist the Hispanic children from Dunn House but I also got to help other agencies who did not have bilingual advocates. In September, I had the privilege to volunteer at RCC’s HOLA Program (Helping Oregon Latinos Advance). As a Latina, I want to be involved in helping my community advance. I also began a practicum at Dunn House where I advocate for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Each time a client shares their story with me, it is a step toward gaining their power and independence back. I love being part of this individual growth process and feel privileged to be able to be there for them by providing emotional support."
- Jocksana Corona, January 2017

sibylle zimmerman
"Receiving the scholarship award letter literally brought tears to my eyes. I am still touched as I not only feel acknowledged for all my hard work, but also in a special way welcomed to this country as an International student. This is truly lived appreciation of diversity and multicultural education.  Your financial support, generous donors, allows me to finish my degree in Early Childhood Education to get closer to my dream: to make a difference in the lives of children and through that also contribute to a better and more fair world.”
-Sibylle Zimmerman, November 2016

Megan Capp

“I am so grateful for the scholarship you have awarded me, it will help me out tremendously during the next school year. I am majoring in Manufacturing/Engineering Technology, Mechatronics, and Electronics and I expect to graduate in the spring of 2023. With these three disciplines I would like to find employment with programable logic controllers (PLCs). The reason I am choosing to get three AAS degrees from RCC is that they will also allow me to design and manufacture automated equipment that is designed for small farms to process and package value-added products. I am a farmer at heart and love the work but with the possibilities I have discovered the at RCC I feel like I can have the most impact on our food systems following this path. Without the help from donors to the RCC foundation I would not be able to pursue this path and for that I very grateful!”
- Megan Capp, Wallace C. Cannon Memorial Scholarship Recipient, 2021/22

not pictured
“This year I have been able to start taking advantage of my education and applying my skills.  I have been working part time in manufacturing and welding and assisting a company that is helping to rebuild homes and businesses after our devastating fires last fall.  With the pandemic many parts are difficult to obtain but with the milling skills I was able to design and mill difficult to find parts and keep projects moving forward.  This use of my skills has inspired me to learn even more this next year and I am looking forward to the fall term.  Thank you again for your support."
- Sean Lenn: Carl E. Stein Memorial Endowed Scholarship, 2021/22

georgina Esqueda
“I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor of receiving a RCC Foundation scholarship and I am deeply appreciative of your support. I am humbled and thrilled to receive my first scholarship. As a first generation student, the opportunity to attend college is not taken for granted by me. I hope to impact people positively in my community and this will allow me to do so.”
-Georgina Esqueda, May 2016

Picture of Christopher Parrish father of 5
“….the scholarship that I received is going to go a long way in helping to reduce my student debt and really get me and my family off to a strong start after I finish school. Thank you, again.”
-Christopher Parrish (father of 5)

Angela Mendoza
"I would like to thank the RCC scholarship donors.  I am a single mother of two and because of your generous donations, I have been able to focus completely on school and get that much closer to my career goal and on my way to helping people."
-Angela Mendoza, October 2016

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