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$500 Scholarship From DesignBrandPrint (ID 3690)

Scholarship Description

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DesignBrandPrint is a company that is focused on customer service from start to finish. DesignBrandPrint works to provide companies with a wide array of branding options to increase the attention their business is receiving. From printed T-shirts, signs, and promotional products, to digital marketing services, we offer the integral design, branding, and print services business owners rely on to stay relevant in their industry.

At DesignBrandPrint, we understand the great impact social media has on the world. On a daily basis, we help business owners gain an edge on social media so they can establish their brand and experience increased traffic. While social media has dramatically changed the way we interact with others, many feel it has caused a great disconnect in how we connect with other human beings in person. We want to know your thoughts on the matter and that is why we are offering a $500 scholarship program to students who plan on or are attending a United States accredited college or university.

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• You must have been accepted into a United States accredited university or college or be enrolled in a technical college.
• You must be a student between the ages of 17-22.
• You must have obtained your high school diploma or GED.
Special Criteria:
Has Social Media Caused Us to Become More Connected or More Disconnected?
We are offering a $500 scholarship to the student who can provide the best answer to our question in essay form.

We know what a significant impact social media has on the lives of young people and we want to go straight to the source to get your thoughts on how social media platforms are actually improving relationships or causing communication breakdowns. After reviewing the submissions, we will make our decision based on how thought-provoking the answer is, no matter which direction the writer takes in their essay.