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A Real Online Degree is your go-to source for all information regarding online colleges and degrees. We pride ourselves in our extensive guides – whether that be helping students with disabilities, or simply helping future students find the right degree.

Whether you are pursuing an online degree or a traditional degree, we understand the importance of earning a college degree in 2018. Having a degree under your belt opens up a world of possibilities that everyone deserves a chance at.

One of the major reasons for students choosing not to pursue a college degree is the high costs. Understandably, many people do not want to rely on student loans and be stuck making payments long after graduation. This is why we have started the “A Real Online Degree Scholarship.“

This $1000 scholarship was created for those who require a little extra help with college costs. Any student who has a passion for higher education should apply for this scholarship.

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Please note: in order to participate you must be currently enrolled in a college, university, or high school.
Special Criteria:
To participate in this scholarship program, students will need to write and submit a paper that answers the following questions:
-What type of degree will you be pursuing, and why?
-How will this degree help you achieve your personal and professional goals?

All papers should be well-researched and contain between 800-1500 words. As with any well-written research paper, please include citations.

We believe this paper will help students prepare for a college degree by encouraging them to do in-depth research on the degrees they are interested in pursuing.

The person who best expresses the importance of their desired degree – backed by legitimate research – will receive $1000 that can be used on course materials, course registration, or other resources.