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E-commerce internet marketing scholarship (ID 3021)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
If you’re a student and into internet marketing, then this is an excellent opportunity for you. We’re very happy to announce our e-commerce & internet marketing scholarship. Our program offers 500$ for one lucky winner.

Internet has changed our lives in many ways and aspects. Whatever you’re looking to buy, whether is a Shark vacuum or any other house appliance – internet has its ways of helping you. Our aim is to help our customers find the best product for them, anything from a dyson vacuum to the best cordless vacuum. Marketing is only one of the things revolutionized by internet in a great way.

You can win our scholarship program if you answer the question How internet has revolutionized the way we consume?

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To make an eligible contestant you must meet certain criteria. This program is only for students studying in:

High Schools
Special Criteria:
Scholarship Overview

Of course, before you start working on your essay, please read the following information.

Scholarship amount: $500
Topic of the essay: How internet has revolutionized the way we consume?
Word count: 1000
Total submissions: 1
Application deadline: December 1st 2017.
How to Submit Your Application

Once you’ve read all the information you can submit your essay. Simply write a unique essay on the subject “How the internet has revolutionized the way we consume?”
Beside the essay, you’re email should also contain the following information:
Personal details: first and last name, age, gender, phone, address;
University/College name;
Proof that you’re a student
Area of study